Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OH YuMmY !!!!!

Spiders are even cup cakes :)

Wow these are some creative people that made these wonderful looking deserts. I can only imagine what mine would look like.. Maybe like the cake my younger sister Allie and I made one year. I was in Junior High and she was in Grade School. I still laugh my butt off each time I think of her and I making that cake. Today that poor thing would have been pitched.

We bake this Chocolate cake for our Halloween dinner.. While we were baking the cake... we made the frosting... we wanted black frosting.. so being stupid kids.. We had those little boxes of food color.. you know the ones with Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Is there another color??? I thought there was six colors in there. We wanted black so after talking it over for 10 minutes or so....on how to make black frosting. We came up with a plan on how to make it with what we had on hand.

We took a Milk Chocolate frosting mix and added all the colors there were in the food color box. (Frosting was not in a can back then) (You had to add stuff and whip it up with a mixer) Any way we were Hoping to make Black. LOL it only came out this really ugly grayish purple color. Well that wasn't half bad.. but what was bad was .. we were taking the cake out of the oven and we dropped it in the middle of the kitchen floor. Yep you guess it... we scooped it up.. slapped some frosting on it to make it stick together and finished frosting the cake. We decorated the top with those icings in a can. I know.... I know those are no longer environmental friendly because of the propellant to get the icing out.. But you have to remember that was over 30 years ago..that we made this cake...Who would have known that my icing would kill the ozone layer. Now its frosting in a tube. The final result turned out pretty good.. my sister is the artist in the family and she did a great job of it. We had a haunted house and Ghosts on top.

We served up the cake after dinner and everyone told us how yummy and moist it was... All we could do was look at each other and smile. That scooping up the cake was way before the 3 second rule. Which is always funny to me now...I laugh each time I see someone scoop up something they dropped and pop it in their mouth. It's strange now.... if something drops out of my hand.. it goes straight into the trash... no brushing off, no blowing, no taking a towel to it.. it gets pitched... do you think its because of that cake????? I am so strange about dropped food????


Shawnee said...

So glad you've joined the Holiday Hostess Flirty Apron Swap! (just one swap)

Linda said...

I am one of those that will pick stuff up and use it if I have washed the floor in the last 24 hours, but if I haven't then in the trash it goes! My daughter dropped a cupcake frosting side down on her backpack and even ate the frosting on the back pack! It took all I had not to take her to get a tetnus shot or something! LOL Can you imagine the germs on a backpack that gets set on whatever surface/floor that is available 24/7! Yuck! LOLLove the pics of yummy treats!! THank you for sharing! My fav are the spider cake and the bright cupcakes!

CathyJean said...

Heehee!I love your dropped cake story!!! Amazing the things we did as kids and lived through it (like drinking from a water hose all summer!)
Well, those yummy pictures were making me hungury until I read the dropped cake story... humm

Saucy said...

I would cry over a dropped cake. I just can't bring myself to override the three second rule. Kudos to you. It was probably fine.

But then again, I have serious hang ups about food prep. I worked in a bakery for years, that must be it. No three-second rule there!

Yarni Gras! said...

I am howling! I wish I saw the original cake....too cute.
As for the 3 second rule, her is how I think of it: My sister's friend found her 15 month old daughter sucking on the bristles of a toilet bowl brush. She didn't get sick. That being said, I usually throw things away but if my kids drop something and then pick it up and eat it, I don't freak.