Thursday, October 23, 2008

Remembering Days gone by ...

The little poems on this little cards just crack me up.. Some of the wordings are so out of place... Like using: Have a Merry Halloween... now that's just wrong.. Merry has to be with Christmas... Don't you think?

Have you noticed that oranges, reds, greens, and black was the usual colors of these old postcards? Very little Blue and No Purple. I don't know about you but I really like the color purple for Halloween :) It just seems to be a color that was meant to marry the color orange :) Purple is so grand and rich... LOL my bedroom was painted a very light color purple when I was a child. Which brings another story of long ago to mind.

When I was a very young girl of the tender age of 5 I wanted a pair of cowboy boots. Every child that lived on the farm had to have a pair of cowboy boots. It was getting along Christmas time and I was asked what I wanted Santa to bring me.....of course I told them I wanted Cowboy boots. To their reply what color do you want them. Being a child I told them what my favorite color was Purple. Now back in 1960 I don't know if they even made boots in really cool colors like that. But Purple is what I asked for. I ran along and didn't think much more about it.

That big wonderful shiny and bright Christmas day came and it was time to open the gaily wrapped packages under the tree.

My first Gift I opened was????????????? you guessed it. It was a Barbie and a Ken Doll with some new outfits. The second gift I opened was a House to put Barbie and Ken in after playing with them. Of course there was the usually little wonderful stuff in our stockings. Apple, orange, candy canes.. not those wimpy little ones like you get now .. but the huge ones that were as long as a ruler and as big around as a cucumber. One that would take you all month to eat. There were rope suckers, raisins, rulers, erasers, those Chinese finger cuffs, I even got a Snow White wrist watch in the stocking. Then it hit me after all the wrappings were picked up and put away.... Santa did not bring my Purple cowboy boots.

I didn't say anything ... Grandfather was looking at me with this quizzical look. He motioned me to come over to his chair. I walked over and he hoisted me up on his lap. Grandfather smiled and gave me a huge hug told me he loved me and reached behind his chair and pull out a box. He asked me to open it ... I did and there in that box was a pair of the most beautiful purple cowboy boots that I have ever seen ... even with all the fancy expensive cowboy boots that I now own... and all the ones I have seen up until now.. those where the most beautiful ones I know I will ever see in my life. How he found them or where he got them I don't have a clue... But from that day on I knew my Grandfather walked on water.


AwtemNymf said...

I agree with you on purple being a true Halloween color! Good point indeedy!!