Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Look at Friday the 13th

Halloween..... the perfect time for a Friday the 13th! But are you looking forward to it? Or does the infamous date known to be unlucky make you nervous? Different people look at the day in all different ways, from one extreme to the other.
Some view Friday the 13th as a day when something bad is just bound to happen, and to watch out or something will. These types will go out of their way in their everyday lives to avoid the chance of some catastrophe striking. They might not drive on the highway that day, not apply for that promotion until the following week, or not take that jog in the morning. In other words, their life will be put on hold because of their fears. The superstitious view that Fridays and the number 13 are unlucky stems from all different cultures and religions throughout the centuries, and the negative light in which some still view them will affect the way they live and look at the world around them.
For others, including many Halloween enthusiasts, Friday the 13th is seen as a great day. It is one that happens only once or twice a year, and because it is associated with such dark elements (of the imagination), it’s a day to celebrate that mystique about it. Rather than having doubts and fear, this second group will celebrate the day by going to see the latest horror movie, going on a graveyard tour, throwing a party, or attending a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The extreme opposite of the first group, this defied and determined bunch go out of their way to see Friday the 13th as a good day, one to celebrate with darker pastimes for a supposed day of doom.
Of course, a majority of the population doesn’t feel one way or another towards Friday the 13th, neither fear nor excitement. And that’s okay. The less people afraid out there, the better, and it keeps the crowds down at all those the Friday the 13th parties!
But no matter how we see Friday the 13th, as unlucky, as a cause for celebration, or neither of the two, one thing is for certain: how we choose to view it is how it will truly affect us, and speaks more about ourselves than it does the date on the calendar. So make your plans accordingly… Will it be the night to throw a party until late in the moonlight? Or a night to hide in the closet? Since Friday the 13th doesn't fall in October this year.... have a happy Halloween anyway…
…if you dare.