Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Story of Flat Jack ...

I just came across this today.. I think it is the funniest thing that I have ever seen or heard about next to Flat Jack. My Sister Allie out in Concord Ca, is a teacher. They have Flat Jack in their class room.
Let me tell you what I know about this interesting little guy. Flat Jack sent out a request to get post cards from all over the world. Each one of the 1st grade teachers had this project for their students. Poor little Jack he did not get much attention until my sister told her family members about how sad poor little Flat Jack was doing on his post Card request.

Mom was talking to a friend who was going to Florida. She was going in a real round about way. They were going to go see family in Nashville TN first before Florida. Every stop along the way this sweet woman from mom's VFW club sent a Post Card to Flat Jack. I was told She sent about 12 cards total.

Allie was talking to Ursula my sister here in Kansas about Flat Jack.. well then my sister got on the band wagon. Don't ever tell my sis about a project because she will come up with a great solution... :)

OK Ursula got everyone she knew that was going out of town to send a card. Several people from her Church were going on different little trips over the holidays. She had 14 people report that they had sent off post cards to Flat Jack.

Then... do you hear the suspenseful music in the back ground???? A huge box came to Allie at her school. Allie could not think of anything she ordered for the class room. So she took letter opener in hand and opened up the box. Inside the box was another box with the presidential seal on it. Inside that box was a signed picture of the President and his family, also a signed picture of the presidents dog... now for the life of me I can not remember that dogs name. There was tons of other things that were sent to my sisters class to use for Flat Jack project. There were pencils, stickers, rulers, crayons, you name it.. it was sent. My sister was shocked all of this from the President of the United States!!!!

How did this surprise package come to be for Allies Class?????

My sister Ursula as a joke when she was in High School sent the President a letter telling him of her Graduation, and invited him to attend the ceremony....the President sent her back a letter telling her how proud he was of her, and he was very sorry he could not attend. But he did encouraged her to go on to collage. My sister still has that letter. So she thought to her self......I wonder if he would send something to my sisters class. Sure enough he did. That is how Flat Jack got his box of goodies from the President of the United States.

Last year was Allies first year of Class rooms, as she only graduated Collage that Spring. What a great way for her to start out her first year with such a successful project for her students. My sister was the envoy of every teacher there in her school last year. I wonder what she will do this year to top that???? Or should I say what will Flat Jack do this year????

Just click on Photo to go check out Flat Betty :)


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