Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free Ripply Apron Pattern - Vintage 1951

3/4 yard 36″ printed cotton3 1/2 yards of bias cotton skirt facing in contrasting color
Following Diagram 16 (see below), cut apron. Also cut 2 ties each 4″ x 36″. Make two 1/2″ pleats on each side of top edge of apron, bringing notches to circles, as on diagram. Pencil lightly around apron 5″ up from bottom edge. Fold bias facing in half lengthwise and stitch open edges to skirt, following pencil line. Bind side and bottom edges with the bias facing so that it extends as far as possible beyond apron. Pleat at corners to form miters.
Right sides together, stitch center seam of shaped waistband facing and press open. Right sides together, sew waistband facing to waistband along curved edge. Turn and press. With right side of facing and wrong side of apron together, stitch so that waistband extends about 1/2″ on each side of apron. Turn and press. Turn under lower edge of waistband and baste. Turn in side edges of waistband even with skirt. Make narrow hems along sides and 1 end of each tie. Pleat other end of each tie to fit between side edges of waistband and facing. Baste in place. Top-stitch around entire waistband.
Bind long side of pocket piece as apron edges were bound. Turn in side edges and sew pocket to right-hand side of apron as on diagram. This will make the pocket flare out.
Source: Woman’s Day, April 1951
Note: The dark edge at the top of the waistband is discoloration on the picture (top photo of finished apron).

I would love to have one of these aprons.. this pattern is a small size...When I get the time I will have to do some pattern adjustments...Don't you think this apron would look good with Vintage white Cherry Fabric ?

Ok Sweet apron friends.. I am looking for free Momma San apron patterns. I have found one on the net but I would like to have 2-3 different ones. If you have a pattern and would like to share let me know :)


gin said...

Oooooo, I like this apron. Can I copy it? And I love the story about the $2 bill - hillarious>>

Bella said...

Very cute apron...I love it. Thanks.