Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My trip to town today :)

I have to tell you I don't do a whole lot of personal blogging.. as my readers know..... but I am trying to get better at it... I just have to share my serendipitous day with everyone. It all started out about Noon O Clock today. As I am a Night worker and I don't get to bed until 7:oo am. So I got up drank my usual Pepsi to get my hello good morning Caffeine rush :)

Then I logged on to the computer check my e-mails... and there it was... I sold another item in my Etsy shop last nite... Yeah that makes 3 total sales this month.. I am rich !!!!! But now I am poor.. I spent it :( at the fabric store :)

Ok after I packaged up the sold items....I went to the local market to mail them off. As we all know it was a National Holiday.. no mail today.. But as I was standing there getting the items posted.. in walks the mail man to pick up yesterdays and today's mail... How lucky was I ???? To be able to get them out today :)

Then I went to the Sewing Center because they called and said my broken machine was ready to pick up. I walked into the store and it was busy busy busy.. I had to wait about 20 Min's before I received any help. Yes they did speak to me and tell me they would be with me as soon as they could. When it was my turn, the man brought out my machine and I paid for it. It was a nice hefty sum .... but I was lucky .. it had an insurance claim on it. It got damage in transport after purchase. So I was not out any repair bills... Yeah!!!! After paying for the item.. I started asking the owner questions about my Grace Quilting frame. Did he like the use of the hard templates or the laser pointer. He said they both had their good qualities. After about 10 minutes or so discussion ... I decided I needed a laser pointer for my Grace. I asked if I had to order it. No was the reply, I keep them in Stock. "Good.. says she, I would like to buy one." The owner said to me:
"You purchased your Grace here.. and I wasn't here to help you.... I usually give those to my customers as a thank you, says he" Oh my goodness I almost fell over.. that laser pointer is a $50.00 or more item!!!
Now how fortuitous for me!!! To get such a nice item as a thank you gift.

After the Sewing Store...Me and the Pitty Pat went out to lunch....we went to a burger stand that I have been going to since I was a child. It's called Dog and Shake... When I was a youngster we always called it Bark and Wiggle.... The two of us had Hot Dogs and Fries. I know I know there is something just totally wrong with a dog eating a hot dog :) But it was quite yummy and we both really enjoyed it.

I came home and started working on my Sassy Christmas Flirty apron swap apron. I totally designed the apron from the beginning to the end... and used up-cycled fabrics. I tell you it turned out so well I thought to my self.....someone is going to have to pry my cold dead fingers off of this one, before I will give it up. I am sure my swap partner will love it. :)

Well blogging friends thanks for letting me tell you about my really wonderful day. I love it when things are all fabulous with the world :)


Yarni Gras! said...

Hey! I for one am glad to see a 'personal' post! It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL day. How lucky you were to get that laser pointer......
You should have taken a photo of the 'dog eating a hot dog'...LOL!

Paula said...

Yep I like a personal post too....