Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Working at the Desk ;(

It's sad but true I have put some poundage on since I had to start working the desk at my job.. (5 lbs) I hate riding the pine as we call it. All you do is answer the phones and stuff food in your mouth. So starting this week I have went on that dirty little 4 letter word that when written back words is T-die.. Yes the big diet..... I find myself sitting a lot more now that I have been involved in so many wonderful apron swaps. I also spend several hours in front of the sewing machine sewing different items. Dog apparel, my handcrafted pincushions and so forth. Not to forget sitting in front of the computer monitor keeping up with all of my internet friends.
Isn't it strange when you tell yourself your going on a diet.. then you have to eat everything in site. Whats up with that????? Well I am like a Crack head that is addict to Crack... but mine is Chocolate... I'm just a crack head... :) I have to have my Chocolate. LOL I am a Chocolate Head... hum that doesn't sound right or even funny does it? All I know for sure is this diet thing stinks, but I want to be able to fit into my clothing.
So I need some good suggestions on what I can take to work and snack on. I know the regular veggie thing..but I want something different and tasty. No paper items... like those rice cakes.. or no wood items like those power bars. I want food nothing synthetic. Do any of you have fun little snack recipes.. that you can share :) Now I don't want to go into how much I hate sugar free or fat free... so it really has to be something tasty :)
PS: I am really not a Crack Head... but I am addicted to Chocolate.


Yarni Gras! said...

1. mix a BUNCH of popcorn with a teeny amount of m and ms. Sort of takes care of that salty and sweet thing....and drink a ton of water while eating it.
2. lettuce wraps with LOTS of lettuce :-)

freedomyears said...

ooh i love chocolates..i don't know anybody who doesn't.. how bout some..sugar free muffins or cookies? or some instant noodles :)