Saturday, November 29, 2008

A lot done over my weekend :)

I realize that several of you are off today and tomorrow and go back to work on Monday.. but I work weekends.. so while I was off for the holiday, I worked on a few fun Holiday things.. I made seven Christmas stockings.. some of them are in my Etsy Shop and some of them were for swaps.. The following Stocking is in my Etsy shop for Sale:

The stocking below was one of my Swap Stockings:

I even had time to sew my final apron for the season :) I think it turned out really sweet with the little snowmen ;)

I even got all my Dashing through the Snow Fat Quarters put together to send out to my fellow swappers....

I have to tell you I forgot to take a photo of this swap... fellow swappers... be kind and send me a photo when you receive them :) Thank you!!!

Lastly I have my first pair of Slippers made.. I think they turn out fantastic for my first try at this new to me pattern. These lovely slippers are lined in flannel and interfaced with thermo fleece... they should be very toasty for those little piggies with the temps get down really low :) Here they are!!!! No you can't see all of them..... I am posting just a small taste :)

They are still sitting on the Cutting table.. now I have to decide if I want to put a draw string around them... I think I will just for the fun of it all. :)

I have one little pair of slippers left to make.. and then I have one 4t dress for my friend to make and I am done with everything that is required of me... then its on to the other fun stuff for my family for the holiday:) I haven't decided if I am going to make them aprons for Christmas or Christmas Stockings. I might do both.. depends on how much time I have before the items must be sent... there is a due date ... per the Post Office to insure they arrive on time for the Holiday :{) So we will see as far as time goes... I need some really fast ideas of what to make for men... Ideas anyone???? Last year I made my brother-in-law this really awesome roll to keep all his BBQ utensils in when they are out sailing on the ocean in the boat. Now there is one easy place to find them when they are being stored out on the Sail Boat. He loved it he said, now I always have things at hand... no more searching for the tongs, knife, scissors, etc.....

I made everyone a weekend over night kit too.. It had tooth brush, comb, brush, toothpaste, handsoap, lotion, insect itch cream,,, and one small first aid kit that I made from a film canister. They loved it. Now my sister keeps all of them in a closet.. when its time to go to the boat she just grabs up all 5 bags and off they go ... prepaired and ready for the fun weekend ahead.

I was thinking of making my artist Children... some of those really cool cloth portfolios... those really cool fabric bags where they keep their sketch pads and pencils. I am sure my Nephew John John would love one of those to use on the train as he goes to the City to School. He goes to San Francisco School of Art. I am very proud of him and his fabulous art work. He hopes to someday work for Disney.

So if you have any fun fast ideas.. let me know :)


Turtles In Northern Florida said...

wondering which pattern you went with for the slippers? I am going to make a sample pair tomorrow before I start my partners.

CathyJean said...

Can't wait to see all of your slippers! They sound sooo comfy!

Yarni Gras! said...

really cute slippers...that I could SEE! and the apron is terrific, as well as the stockings've been quite the busy little elf!