Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hot Drinks for Hot Momma's Apron has arrived :)

I have to Apoligize for not getting my Photos of these lovely aprons up ... I have been so busy trying to get the last bit of swaps done and last minute gifts completed.. I have not found the time to post the full aprons.. and add to my blog daily.. to make this Holiday Season Wonderful for all....but after the Holidays I promise to get all of my Holiday aprons posted for your enjoyment ;)

Ok I know there are two aprons here.. but I just wanted to give you a taste.. I will post full pictures of them over the Holiday Weekend :) the bottom apron is my Hot Drinks for Hot Mama's Apron from Reina. It is very very wonderful.. and reversible too. This lovely apron sports some delightful fun fabrics also.. The Marys Engelbreit fabric (which has little tea pots on it), fun black dots.. I just love how Reina used the beautiful light blue as the bias... It is just too cute for words. I love love love it Reina. Thank you so very much for such a lovely whimsical and fun Apron :)
Goodness ladies..... I am going to have a very Hard time figuring out what apron to were ON Thanksgiving :)

The other apron is from our sweet friend Jennifer.. from Lipstick and Laundry... we were swap partners on Swap-Bot... thank you Jennifer ... She teased me... it was too funny... she told me she didn't have time to go to store to get More Christmas fabric because she had made a mistake on what swap it was... I opened the package and there was those wonderful Candy Canes... And look at the wonderful eyelet lace to accent the pocket...Along with my apron Jennifer sent me some awesome fabrics.... they are going to be posted with some of my other fabric swaps . :) What I want to know is how does Jennifer get those aprons to smell so wonderful when you open the package. I have to hold them to my nose for ever and just breath deep :)

Once again sweet friends... thank you for the Amazing Aprons :

OH MY.... OH MY..... look at these wonderful drinks that came with my Hot Mamma's Apron.. I received several choices of teas.. and a cute cute cute tea infuser. Yummy yummy yum...Hot Chocolate mix... and let me point out this wonderful Hot Chocolate cook book. I will have to post some of those delicious recipes when it gets frightful cold outside. I don't know about you but I love something very hot and sweet in the winter to warm up with...

Thank you Reina for the wonderful thoughtful gifts.


Yarni Gras! said...

sooooooooo cute! You are one lucky swapper! :-)

queen of everything said...

I'm so glad you liked all the gifties and the apron

Jen Sue Wild said...

Awe I am so glad you like the apron..
I used the same M E fabrics for the hotmoma swap for Lucys apron..

Ps I spray the aprons with yummy suff I wear.. Body sprays and sometimes my perfume..
I just love stuff to smell yummy.