Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello my fellow bloggers out here in the land of blog :)

I don't like to have downer moments on my blog.. but I must.. from my heart of hearts.. share this with all of you......

First off.... I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

But .....I have something very important to say for everyone.

Please Please if you DRINK..... PLEASE DON'T DRIVE.

My reason for posting this as some of you know that I was hit by a drunk driver in June. My life has not been the same since. I am no longer able to do some of the things that I enjoyed in life because of that drunk driver hitting me. I was in formed by my Supervisor yesterday.. they are going to boot me from my current job. Because of my medical restrictions.. as I can no longer preform my job due to my current limitations. This means a possible pay cut and a change to my invested retirement. I have to tell you this is a great blow to me because I have done this job for over 24 years. I was not at fault at this accident. If I could I would take it all away. I do not wish any of this suffering on anyone. I worry about the pay cut.. as to what it will do to me financially... will I be able to afford to live???

I am in constant pain.. it may never go away. I refuse to take the pain drugs until I can no longer stand the pain for that day. Which I don't take these drugs often only when I can't stand the pain any longer. I have had two scripts since June and I still have 2/3's of one bottle left. I am not becoming a drug addict because of that drunk!!!

So you see there is someone with a life out there in that other car that gets affected by those drunk drivers...

So Please Please don't drink and drive, during this up coming Holiday Season!!! Call a cab, call a friend, designated driver, limo, bus, subway, train, airplane, rocket ship, walk... do anything but drive. The next person affected could be you from that Drunk Driver.


HDMac said...

A good reminder.... I am just so sorry for your pain and suffering. Sadly this is what happens... Keeping you close in prayers..... Stay determined, bless your heart!

RamFam said...

You are and will be in my prayers.