Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet little apron Ornament Tutorial- Author at bottom of post

Made especially for My little kitchen tree..but I thought it would be fun to share. I know. I'm a dork.
Quick to make..great to give as gifts!
okay..let's go-

First cut your a template. Mine is about 5 inches tall. Just make it so it looks right to you. Trial and error will help you arrive at the perfect shape!

Next cut your bias strips. I'm such a cheater I just 'eyeball' them, but they should be about 1" or a little less. A rotary cutter is great for this. This is great project for practicing with bias.
If you want to use scraps and you need to connect them here is a handy way to do it.

Attach the bias to the neckline first.

Fold over and stitch.

Here is the FUN part!
Attach your strip of bias to apron. I iron constantly and use alot of spray starch. I've found it's easier to NOT pin during this step. I do start sewing at the bottom of the apron though and sew up on either side with a very small seam allowance. Sew RIGHT SIDE OF BIAS to WRONG SIDE of apron. This will allow you to topstitch on the front which will look neater where it counts.. :)

right side..just in case you really needed to see it.

Fold, iron and pin bias strip, aligning it a bit over your seam (shown above)

Top stitch bias down..slowly and carefully.

You're almost finished!!! Simply fold over strap ends and stitch. Cross them and stitch again.
From here you can embellish the apron--add pockets, buttons, embroidery! The sky is the limit!
Merry Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I would love to make some of these, they are so sweet!

Sherrie Nordgren said...

WOW this is Sweet little apron Ornament Tutorial,adorable Love Love It!Can't wait ti make them infact I'm stopping every thing and going to do my hair cause its dry needs the ole flat iron then sit down and start on your Sweet little apron Ornament Tutorial!!!

jodybob said...

Very cute!! I'll be making these--as if I need more ornaments---NOT!! Thanks so much for sharing

gin said...

I love coming to your blog. You always have a pattern or tutorial that I really like, not to mention the great entertainment!!

jodybob said...

You have a award awaiting!! thanks for a great blog.

Janet, said...

I love this apron ornament. I love aprons and I love making ornaments. I will definitely try this. Thanks for the tutorial. A little wooden rolling pin would be cute attached to it.