Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A day out with Nadine :)

Nadine... Isn't she pretty???

Nadine, The Pitty Pat and I were eating lunch at Peter's .. LOL I think that is how it was spelled. Maybe not.. I do have a short fuse... I mean memory :) My lunch was Chicken Alfredo, and Chocolate cake for desert. Ms Nadine will have to tell you what she had for lunch.. it was something I had never heard of. But she said it tasted good but was a bit saltier than she liked. Don't you just hate when you eat out at a fine restaurant and the food is too salty or cold?

The Pitty was setting in her own chair watching all that was going on in the square.
Nadine and I had went to a quaint quilting shop in
Lafayette. I walked in the door with the Pitty in her new poodle bag, They took one look at her and said take her out of that bag! They loved having creatures visit in their shop too :) After spending a good hour or so in the shop.....both of us purchased some wonderful fabrics, patterns and quilting tools. We asked the ladies working at the quilt shop where was a good place to eat. They sent us to a fun shopping type square.. like a silly dope I didn't take any photos of the square. There was lots and lots of shops. Nadine and I stopped in a Pet shop to see what they had to offer. I have to admit.. I think my custom pet apparel was better than what they offered for sale. But I could be conceded :) lol I asked the guy if it was made by someone in the area and he had no clue. Figures it was a man ;)
There was other restaurants, ice cream shops, clothing stores and just plain fun stuff. It was a very fun afternoon spent by the three of us. We didn't get to spend as much time together as we hoped but we did make the most of the time we did have ;)

The Pitty really liked the sour dough bread. The lunch was really scrumptious!! They served so much .. I had to take some home and eat it later in the week.

We also went to see the crosses of Lafayette

It is very sobering site to see all of those crossing on the hillside. Each one of the crosses represent one of our American Soldiers that gave his life for our country. Please say a few words of prayer for our soldiers when you close your eyes tonight ;) Thank you!!


Yarni Gras! said...

what a great post, it looks like you and Nadine and Ms. Pitty had a wonderful time together!