Saturday, October 3, 2009

A reader request

Hello Ladies... The vacation is almost over! Boo hoo hoo hoo! I will return home on Monday :) So you can now send me emails, fabric and money :) LOL Money is always welcome. I miss your conversations. I look forward to our chats again.
I have missed all of my other creatures at home. I can't wait to get home and see all them. Even the loud mouth Parrot :) Who is always saying "Hello Fat Girls" LOL dad use to say that to them each morning when he went out to feed them. That was when he had the three sister birds together in one cage.
The Pitty is outside chasing the Hummers. They are playing with the Pitty by swooping above and by her. The Hummers have been buzzing and eating the nectar of mom's sage plant every time the Pitty is outside ;) I have noticed the Hummers sort of hang out until about 11 am. Then it starts getting hot and they disappear, until the next day. Mom has several creatures that visit and hang around here. Mom has these two little squirrels that lay across the top of her wood fence. I have attempted several times to photograph them... but the Hummers and the squirrels are too fast for me to photograph. I am one of those that has to zoom and focus. By the time you do all of that they are moved or run off.
Oh well two more days to try and photograph them ;) I have just attempted to photograph the Hummers. Rats too fast ;)

Ok for the title... I received a request to see photos of the quilt in progress... here it is ;)

This is a really cute animal print... By Michael Alexander. The checked fabric is a really light orange color. It looks so light and fresh looking .. just like spring when the baby will be here ;) My sister discovered she loves them place in a pin wheel style like the photo of the blocks laid out.


soggibottom said...

Oh great first comment!

Never hurry will be in holiday mood for weeks. HOPEfully x x x