Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Sunday Morning ;)

Hello Ladies I hope your having a fantastic weekend and have been able to sew and have some fun today :)
I just wanted to remind all of my apron swappers that their aprons are due now.. lets please get them into the mail :) No one likes to have an after Halloween gift. It would be so much fun to use them during the seasons parties and fun :)
Also don't forget your Annie's are due on Oct 24th at the Receivers home not sent!!

If you haven't noticed Craft hope has Project 5 started. It looks like its very easy and I just love the pattern. Also don't forget that Toy Society will start their Christmas toy drive soon too :)

Ok enough of Public Service Announcements :O)

More of my wonderful Vacation to share ;)
Pitty Pat

Oh look Mommie!! You, Me, and Nadine just pulled up in front of the quilting store ;) The ladies in this store was so nice to me they let me come out of my wonderful new pink poodle bag that Mommie made me just for this trip :) We will have to go back and visit them again when we go visit Grandma Peachy and Aunt G's :)
Ps .. Nadine says I have DEVIL ears!!!

I'm a Silly little girl.... I just love to drive :)
Thanks Nadine for letting me driver your car!!

Here we are at the restaurant.. Mommie just gave me some fantastic sour dough bread. We only get the good stuff when we come out to Ca. I love Bread!! See me licking my chops .. nommnomm nomm ... Good stuff down to the last little crumb!! I have to laugh because Nadine thought this was such a cute photo of me.. But I swear there are better ones of me!! Because I am just so cute :O) Tee hee hee!!! Does my tongue make my face look to Fat?????

Ok here I am in my sling after my long day out with Mommie and Nadine. You know girls just gotta have fun. We shopped, we ate, and yes I even drove :) So now I'm tired and have to take a nap. Sweet dreams everyone ;)


Anonymous said...

very cute doggy - love the little sling :)

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Thank you Annie.. I sort of like her too :)

Barb said...


lani said...

you must email me the shot of the dog at the steering wheel for the dog blog.....

West Michigan Quilter said...

So cute! LOL. Sounds like you guys had a great vacation.

Cathy said...

Too cute! :)

Janet, said...

Your doggie is the cutest! I took a picture the other day of a very large dog behind the wheel of a car next to us. It looked just like he was driving. I like her licking her chops, they will eat anything down to the last crumb.