Wednesday, October 7, 2009


If your a follower of my blog you have heard me talk about my Grandma Peachy and her sewing. Here are two dolls that she dressed after she turned the tender young age of 94 yrs old. These dresses were made without a pattern. I have always been amazed to see the dresses and blouses that my grandmother made without patterns or books.. the items are from scratch out of her head .. makes one ponder how does she do that??? Didn't these turn out awesome. Due to her current health conditions she is no longer able to dress her dolls. I was told during this trip Grandma Peachy was able to make each child in the family a doll dressed by her. I am very lucky to be a proud owner of one of her amazing dolls. It is tucked away so that it doesn't get damaged or spoiled. These two dolls that you are looking at are in a very nice vintage glass case. Because of the glass there is a bit of glare on the photos sorry. I didn't want to remove them and take a chance of getting them damaged.

What a pretty Bride :)

If I re-call right this was one of the dolls my Grandmother had as a child. She re-dressed her, because the original clothing the doll had on was in pretty bad shape.

A photo of both dolls and if you look really close you will see a couple of kupie dolls ;)


Shana said...

Wow. Those are amazing. beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

My Grammie used to make me Barbie clothes out of her old clothes. She did not have a pattern or a sewing machine. She "zig zagged" over elastic on the clothes. I was amazed at her handi work even as a kid. I wish I still had those! Seeing your beautiful doll clothes brought back fond memories for me! Ronda

Gigi said...

The dresses are beautiful..what a wonderful hierloom!