Thursday, October 1, 2009

Started in Ca finished in Ta Town :) Photos :)

The first Sunday nite after I arrived in Ca, we had a family Pizza Party. We had great Pizza and we ate this to die for Death by Chocolate ...Chocolate cake. Now I can tell you I can eat my weight in Chocolate. But this cake was so rich you could only eat a sliver at a time. Mom was sort of disappointed that I wrapped the gifts in newspaper instead of Christmas wrap. For some reason.. I just didn't want them all wrapped in Christmas wrap. Maybe??? It just didn't feel like Christmas.. but anyway everyone opened their gifts and loved them. I have to tell you the art bag was a huge hit with my Nephew. He told me several times how much he loved it and was looking forward to carrying it with him to work. I was told my niece dumped her old book bag as soon as they got home and threw everything in the new backpack that I made her. She was so excited to carry it to school the next day. I guess it was a huge hit with all of her friends. My sister loved the backpack so much I had to promise to make her one when I returned home. Anyway I told everyone that I would share the items that I crafted for my family for Christmas. When I returned home from my Vacation. Well here are two photos of aprons that I made. I started this post in CA... but was unable to finish it due to family things going on. I will post more photos of other items soon... lol that means I don't have them loaded into the computer yet ;) I hope to get that done today :) I am sorry the apron photos are not on a model... I did the best I could at the time ;)

This is the apron that my niece received.

This is the apron that I gave to my sister.
I will post moms apron as soon as the photos are loaded ;)
Thanks for understanding.. I still need to do those return home things today :)


SewLindAnn said...

All your gifts were great ideas. I especially love the aprons fabric. Do you know which fabric the pink/red/black one is?

luv2quilt2 said...

Good to see you back. I enjoyed your posts from vacation.

Mistea said...

Those are two gorgeous aprons. Good to hear all the gifts were well recieved. Enjoy being home.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Both aprons were made with Alexander Henry Fabrics :)