Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shopping instead of sewing

Aggghhhh I am having such a hard time getting my self motivated to sew since my return home from Ca. I think its the temp change and its been rainy and cloudy. I think I have that seasonal thing .. I need sunshine ... I crave sun shine!!! Not to mention.. I was just wore out after my first week back to work!!
I went shopping yesterday and found that Hancock's fabric store had Coats and Clarks thread 50% off guess who purchased a box full??? NO it wasn't the neighbor lady, No it wasn't the bag lady... Yes it was Me!! I was almost out of every color. So I stocked up again for the up coming years projects. I purchased thread for Christmas Projects, Halloween projects, V-day projects and so on. I even purchased thread for those I haven't created in my mind yet projects. Oh my goodness I just created a new obsession.. a thread stash.
The sale was yesterday 10/12.. but I think it might have been a Columbus Day sale for 3 days only. But worth the check out to see if they are still having sale on thread.
I also found my next favorite fabric shop. The little town north of me has an awesome quilting store. You can just about find any type of fabric that you want there. She has now opened a discount shop. If fabrics don't sell in her main shop in a reasonable amount of time, she puts them in the discount store. She also puts new fabrics in it if she can get a great deal on bolts. I purchased some lovely Moda fabrics for almost half off its original price. The fabrics were an awesome dusty rose pink with dots. I think they will make a lovely backing for a shabby chic quilt :)

This was a post that I posted on my blog on a wonderful new forum that I joined. I joined in a group that is called Pins and Needles. It is a sewing and crafting group. It was started by Brenda G. Our Annie pattern benefactor. I have a button link here on my blog to the site. LOL I don't know if it is an invitation only group.. but if you need one. I will be more than happy to send you and invite. If you are interested in joining please send me a post and I will invite you :)


Sarah C said...

I live in CA and it rained last night and is overcast today...not sight of the sun =(

I know what you mean about getting motivated to sew when the sun is away. it feel more like snuggle up and drink hot cocoa weather =)

Barb said...

How lucky to find such a bargain.....

vivian said...

A woman can never have too much thread! Im sure nothing short of wonderful will come from it all!

Anonymous said...

Love the way you think - a thread stash! Gotta love a good bargain.