Friday, October 30, 2009

There is so much to blog about :)

As all of you know I was busy getting my Halloween aprons finished up for the Spooks, Rattles, Pots, and Pans swap ;) I got them completed and they are now at the new owners homes.. so without further a do here they are ;)

I really like how fast and easy this full apron pattern goes together. It is fully lined and looks so classy when its completed :)

LOL I had to show all three matching aprons that I made.. I know this isn't a very good photo. But I don't own a clothes line to hang them on I did the best I could at taking all three together :) If you look really hard you can see three orange buttons. Each button is attached to one pocket on each apron.

Here is one potholder made from the scraps ;)

Here is another potholder made from scraps. Now let me tell you these were a tad difficult for me. The instructions called for two layers of that heat resistant stuff and one layer of batting. It made the layers so d a r n (LOL not spaced it looked like a curse word) thick the walking foot didn't even want to walk around it. So they are not my best item I have every made.. but from now on I am going to use two layers of the heat stuff and no layers of batting. ;)
There is other fun stuff to blog about... but I'll wait until tomorrow.


Val said...

Oh I love all of your goodies! They are great.

Mistea said...

The aprons are gorgeous - Enjoy wearing them today! (Well it's the right day here) Love that fabric.

Barb said...

Love the apron and pot holders....really cute!!

Rae Ann said...

The aprons are darling and the potholders have got to be the cutest! What a fun thing to do with the left over scraps. I will have to remember
that when I make my Christmas aprons.

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Lovely work on the aprons, but I do like these little pot holders they are nice. Happy Halloween. Julie.C

Julia said...

You hit the head of the nail with those aprons!! Great fabric and great shape! Cute, cute. :)

CJ said...

Soooooo cute!!!! Love those sweet lil' witches :)

AwtemNymf said...

I've got mine on! Thank you so much for this fabulous apron! I just LOVE it!!!


NadineC said...

Let me tell you - this apron is awesome - even better in person than in the pictures she posted! I love love love mine! And the potholder, too! I will be posting pics soon, since I "THINK" I got the problem I'd been having with my 'puter fixed (I am NOT saying it out loud because I might jinx things!) but I'm hoping after a new $100 modem and a new $60 power strip that everything stays working now! Again...the apron is sooooo wayyyyy cool! Really well made and I totally LOVE the fabric - those long legs are a hoot or maybe a whoot! Thanks, APP - you are such a special lady :-)

Unknown said...

My little swap partners.. you are so very welcome.. I am so pleased that you loved them :)