Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Acorn Pincushion

By Marie Browning
Here's a cute gift idea; stitch a bunch of these to strew in a basket you stick with needles, thread, scissors and of course - pins!
You will need:
Cotton fabric - in a variety of solids and pattern, in shades of browns and creams, Polyester Fiberfil, Tacky craft glue, Narrow brown satin ribbon
Assembling: Cut the fabric into 5" circles, use the solids for the nut and prints for the acorn's cap. Sew gathering stitches around the edge of the solid circle, do not cut the thread. Place a handful of stuffing in the center, pull up gathers tightly to form the base of the acorn. Tie thread ends to secure. Using pins, mark horizontal line around middle of base. Glue some stuffing above the pin marks, covering gathers. turn under 1/4" on edges of print circle. Sew gatherings stitches around edge; do not cut thread. place circle on base, pulling up gathering stitches so edge of circle is even with pin line, forming cap of acorn. Tie threads to secure. Stitch cap to acorn along gathering edges. fold a 2" piece of ribbon in half to form hanging loop, stitch to top of cap to finish.


CathyJean said...

Gotta save this one - you know I'm pincushion crazy :)

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Aunt Pitty Pat,

Just a quick tip.

Nylon works best for pin cushion filler. Just cut up old stockings.

It doesn't hold the moisture that other filling does so your pins don't rust as easy and it helps keep them sharp longer too.

Hope I helped.

Hugs Euphoria

Beansieleigh said...

Oh I LOVE these Acorn Pincushions!! Can't wait to try them! I appreciate the tip from "Euphoria" too, so thanks to you both for sharing! I have always wanted to try a sock monkey, but need to find this particular style sock in the store, when I can possibly REMEMBER to LOOK for them! I'm working on my second Annie doll so hope to have that out soon!