Monday, May 25, 2009

Round Trip to see the Family today

My brother and I took a trip to the State of OK today. We went to the family grave site :) It is a short trip it only takes about 4 hours out of our day. I try and go with him at least 2-4 times a year if not more ;)
Today was different... I got up early and put out my Wonderful Red White and Blue American Flag. Then I got myself and the Pitty around so I could drive N of me 14 miles to my Bubba's house. As I drove I looked at the homes. I saw two other American flags flying on my mile block. I did not see another American Flag until I turned down my brothers dirt road to his home. Two homes on his street were flying flags. I am telling you that was 14 mile trip to his house and no other flags. I drove down a long stretch of road with several houses, without seeing my beloved American Flags. I walked in my brothers door and asked where in the H e double L ... his flag was. He said he didn't own one!!! I told him I was going to give him one and I wanted him to fly it to honor his Aunts and Uncles that fought in the war to keep us safe and from harm. His reply is I don't like the current president. I said what does that have to do with honoring your loved ones that were willing to fight and die for you!! He said nothing and I let it go. But I am telling everyone that is reading my blog... I am A RED NECK FLAG FLYING PATRIOT!!! And if you didn't have your flag flying today .. you need to move to a new COUNTRY!!! Shame on you if your flag is not out of all days........We are in War!!! We need to show the families of those that are fighting we are behind them and their loved ones 100%, let alone honor those that have passed to make this great country what it is today!!!
Ok enough of my B***h**g!!!
On a lighter note my brother was telling me a story about him when he lived in Ca with my Grandma Peachy and Sweet Aunt. It was a story about the night the SFPD arrested him.
My brother has this awesome Red 64 Chevy Pick up. Its a slick and smart looking low rider. In fact he still owns that truck :) It was a low rider before anyone in Ks knew what they were. Anyway it was all tricked out and sweet looking. He said he was driving down the road and the Cops in San Francisco pulled him over with red lights and guns drawn. He said they snatched him out of his truck and handcuffed him to a light pole. He said they didn't say anything but started going through his truck. Of course he said hey what the H are you doing??? They didn't say a thing.. only removed him from the pole and put him in the back of a police car and took him to the police station. Once there he got the good guy bad guy cop thing. The bad cop says we brought you here because your truck matches a truck that was seen at such and so drive in where two young gay guys were shot and killed. Well being the smart A.. my brother is he says... only two people would get up set about a gay being shot.... his mom or his lover.. which one are you the guy or the gal in the relationship??? Of course I was really laughing at this...Bubba said the bad cops veins were popping out he was so mad. Of course the good cop was laughing hysterically. They didn't believe Bubba when he told them he was no where around that place and that there were lots of red trucks with custom tail lights. Well he landed in jail for the night as he had no money for bail. When he walked in to the court room the next morning.... there sat a women on the bench. He thought I'm a goner for sure now. She picked up the file read it and look my biker brother over and said.. this was a travesty of justice and a false arrest. You could sue the city of San Francisco.. you would probably win lots of money... but you won't see any of the money until your at least 50... That was almost 30 years ago.
Now here is where this story takes a funny turn.. Bubba was laughing so hard telling me this colorful story until................ I said... hey Bubba just think you would be a rich man today if you had only sued the City of San Francisco. Oh my goodness you could have heard a pin drop in the cab of my little red Toyota truck. There was total silence!!! Bubba got this puzzled look on his face, turned red and then..... It came!!!! Damn!!! Your right and I would be living on easy street now!!! Of course we both started laughing again at how life really does turn out sometimes. Oh my.... we got such a good laugh out of that.. I had tears running down my face. My brother is a very smart and witty guy and I just pull one of my classic Fast ones on him!!! Tee hee hee!! I love it when I can pull a good one on him and he is speechless!!!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Pitty Pat - my comments are for your brother - I did not vote for the current president. I am appalled by his wife. However, because the president’s actions and decisions directly affect me and my family, I pray that he make wise choices. It is stupid to equate flying a flag with liking the president. Stop being stupid. Fly a flag. Doing so does not mean you support the president, it does mean you support our military. My son has been to Iraq four times. It is because of people like my son that you and I have the freedom to publicly voice our displeasure with the president, and not fear being imprisoned or worse. My son will probably go back to the sandbox. He will continue to do so, until the Commander in Chief says he does not have to any more. It is un-American to refuse to fly a flag. If you want to be an activist and protest the president, then get your neighbors involved and make sure he is voted out of office the next time around – but do not diss my son, or the other members of the United States military by disrespecting what any one of them is prepared to give their life to defend.

Tulsi said...

I agree with you Aunt Pitty Pat. Fly your Flag!! I've grown up with a military history and live one today. The Scouts put out flags today. There are two of us in our Circle who have flags out, not counting the scouts. I am really surprised. And our Circle knows Steve has served in Afghanistan. Besides other former members of the Military. Kind of sad. My husband made little flag things to take to his families he visits for church to drop of today before we went on our picnic. I guess it's the thought that counts. And some appreciate in their hearts even if they don't have a flag to put out.

CathyJean said...

Thanks for the stern reminder - we all should be flying our flag on these special American days and be proud to do so!! If we like the president or not...
I'm so glad we still have a military that fights for our freedoms and we sure better be grateful for that as long as they last, because the future doesn't look so good.

Yarni Gras! said...

well said. We didn't put ours out either. Our old one was 'retired' due to being torn and I simply didn't get a new one in time. Remedied though...I have it on my list to buy TODAY.