Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hello sweet Bloggy ladies...
I just want to wish all of you a
Happy Mothers Day!!!
So now on with the rest of the story :)
I know I am going to be lazy and not do very much today.. I have been fighting the punies all week at work. Three of my co-workers came to work sick yesterday.. I complained and two went home.. One had been getting better!! Tell me why do people go to work sick???
Me ... I think I am the first person that will catch any illness that is going around. I am kind enough to stay home when sick. Hoping that no one else will get sick with what I have. LOL my sick leave shows it too!!! I never have more than a couple of weeks saved up on the books.
Yes.... you saw right I closed the Christmas in July swap. Do to lack of interest or discontent about the swap fees. I am sorry if you had interest in that swap. I was so looking forward to it. But alas even good plans go a rye.
I think as soon as these current swaps are completed I am going to take a break through the summer on holding swaps. I have added work on my plate right now. I live alone and I have all the yard chores that have been cutting in to my sewing time. I also have some home repairs that need to be done. The house needs painted or at least touched up so the wood doesn't get bad. Trees are in need of desperate grooming. Limbs are hanging on the lines of the house... they need to be trimmed off there before I loose my services!!! I am wanting to take a Vacation to California too before long. So I hate to have swaps going on during that time. I would like to try and get one more trip in before something happens to my Grandma Peachy :)
After all of these boring facts.. my open swaps will end at the end of July and I will start them up again in Sept :) I will start the Halloween season for my first swap.
I am thinking about doing a themed Annie Swap and an Apron swap to start out with. All of them will have Halloween in mind :)
I want to do a Annie/Andy dressed up in a Halloween costume as the swap... let me know what you think.... fun or not fun???
I would also like to hold a couple of Seasonal Fat Quarter swaps :) I just love trading Fat Quarters. It's so fun to have different little materials on hand to use on your projects.
I also have in mind to do a quilt as you go Flannel quilt block swap... so start saving those Flannel fabrics for this swap :) I am thinking this will be my November swap... so we can all stay warm and toasty in the winter months :)
I am trying to find the exact pattern we can all use as a group for this block swap :) If you have one send me the instructions please :)
If you have any suggestions on things that would be fun to have as a swap... send me an email as most of you already have my email address :)
Suggestions will be very welcome :)
Thank you everyone for making this past year fun and exciting ;)
I will be here blogging but just not as much... lots to do around the
Oleo Ranch..
(one of the cheaper spreads)
I didn't want anyone to worry.... as most of my followers know I blog almost everyday :)
Aunt Pitty Pat :)


Tammy said...

Hope you are having a good Mother's Day. The ideas you have in mind sound fun. I love fat quarters also. Hope you get that vacation!

Val said...

I can't wait until you hold some more swaps. I wanted to join the Christmas ornament swap but since I am not experienced enough I wanted to see how I did on this doll that is due on May 30! I haven't got it started yet but have all the fabrics and paint. I can't wait to get on it. I understand about all of the work around the house. I have got a lot to do too but I can't wait until you do another in Sept. I will be looking for it.

Val said...

I forgot to tell you Happy Mothers Day!

AwtemNymf said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too hun! Hugs!!!
Awww- I'm sad about the Christmas in July Ornie swap, but understand the reasons for closing that one! Maybe we can have a private swap?!
I'd love to join the Annie Annie/Andy Halloween swap and Hopefully by then I'll have practice on sewing aprons and join that one too! I Love HALLOWEEN *squeals* You've got FUN right up your alley and everything sounds good! It'll be good to take a Summer break. Most people do! :O)
Hugs!!! ~A~

Betty aka Fudgie said...

Dear Auntee...Happy Mother's day and how is your doggy doing?
My Annie is going on an extended vacation on this Monday. First dolly I have ever made and it was fun making hair with my bad hands and fingers...NOT! Ah...well...that's how it goes with children...they are all pains at some time! I hope my partner enjoys her if not?...there will be a return address on the pkg. I understand how sometimes we just have to give up adopted children.
Happy Sunday and I will see you in the fall!

Karen said...

Just found your blog's GREAT!!! I love your Cowboy Rules;) Wish I would have been able to get in on your swaps...I'll be watching for the next one;) Happy Mother's Day;)

Carla said...

Hope you had a good day. I love swaps. Especially fq's.

CathyJean said...

Hey, M!
Sorry you had to close your Christmas swap :( I know you really wanted to do that one! I wished I could have done that one too!!
(I just don't dare get into swapping right now, with the house going up for sale and an upcoming move) but I'm looking forward to some of your Fall/Winter swaps - hoping things smooth out for me by then.
Have a great week!!