Friday, May 22, 2009

Please change out your swap button :)

We all get a lot of information on the Internet highway. We don't always remember where it comes from.. but sometimes that doesn't matter and sometimes it does. As you can see the blog swap button with the Annie has changed. It seems I didn't follow the designers rules and she is upset with me. I read the pattern several times to see if there was a disclosure on the pattern. I didn't see one... so I assumed when it was free it was free to everyone if your not selling it. I was not selling it.. I was sharing it. The only thing I saw on it was a copy right circle.
I can truly understand why she is upset with me...if you put your time in on designing a fun pattern, and not getting the credit for it that's wrong. So I really don't blame her for being upset with me!! She also took her time to make the wonderful example that I used for our swap button. Denise White deserves the accolades that goes along with this wonderful fun Annie pattern. I think that we should all go and visit her fun and wonderful blog. I have to tell you she has some fun fantastic Annie dolls and fantastic patterns for sale.
Denise White has requested that we use her link, if you want obtain the pattern. You must also link back to her web site as getting the free pattern from her. As she really does deserve the credit for her lovely and fun Annie Pattern.
I have to be honest .. I can't tell you where I got this pattern from... some place off the net (maybe even off her site) or someone sent it to me via email. You know how everyone shares everything. Here is what she has up on her blog for this wonderful fun pattern:
This is one of the patterns featured on Creative Living with Sheryl Borden--you can try her out for free! Click the link below to open the file and print. Just don't sell the pattern and be sure to give me credit for the design!!
So ladies... I am giving 5 thumbs up to Ms. Denise White for this lovely and easy Annie pattern. Thank you for sharing it with everyone even if I did goof up on your requirements of its usage. Thank you Ms. Denise White on the behalf of my self and all the swappers of this Annie swap. Ladies don't forget to go visit her web site and say hello because she has some really wonderful fun stuff to offer:)


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Wanted you to know that there is an award waiting for you at my blog. Have a great weekend.