Sunday, May 24, 2009


Rabbi Sherwin Wine:
There are two visions of America. One precedes our founding fathers and finds its roots in the harshness of our puritan past. It is very suspicious of freedom, uncomfortable with diversity, hostile to science, unfriendly to reason, contemptuous of personal autonomy. It sees America as a religious nation. It views patriotism as allegiance to God. It secretly adores coercion and conformity. Despite our constitution, despite the legacy of the Enlightenment, it appeals to millions of Americans and threatens our freedom.
The other vision finds its roots in the spirit of our founding revolution and in the leaders of this nation who embraced the age of reason. It loves freedom, encourages diversity, embraces science and affirms the dignity and rights of every individual. It sees America as a moral nation, neither completely religious nor completely secular. It defines patriotism as love of country and of the people who make it strong. It defends all citizens against unjust coercion and irrational conformity.
This second vision is our vision. It is the vision of a free society. We must be bold enough to proclaim it and strong enough to defend it against all its enemies.
On personal note:
Thank you to all the families and loved ones that are separated from their homes and family while away fighting for what WE as Americans believe in.
I also wish to thank our first responders (police and fire) that remain behind in the USA. They are the ones that are working and giving up their holidays to make our life a safer place to live.


Paula said...

yes, ma'am...not only the big flag flying, but 3 little ones across the front of my yard...I just left my mother's in another town and her's is flying, also!