Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This amazing Annie was made by AwtemNymp isn't she adorable??? I do love pumpkins!!! Isn't this little spook-able Annie cute :) Thank you Ms S for making this wonderful Annie example for my swap :) You are always my little Angel Doll to always jump at the chance to help me out :) Don't forget ladies to run by AwtemNymp's blog and thank her for the wonderful swap example she so lovingly made for us;)

~*~*~ I just couldn't stand to wait any longer I have been waiting on pins and needles to announce this exciting swap to kick off the Fall Season. I know some of you have been excitedly waiting too ;) I have lots to share with you as far as rules on how this swap will be held. If you are not able to follow the requested rules.. then please please don't sign up. The Annie's must be received by the due date...(not sent out!!!).. they have to be "RECEIVED". Don't forget to get a tracking number :) So please plan accordingly ......The whole reason to hold the swap so early... is so everyone will have a fun Annie to enjoy during the Halloween season.~*~*~

Ok now on to the house keeping of the swap :) I know there is a long list of rules but it will be worth it in the end:) Please feel free to snag my swap button to put on your blog :0)
We have a new benefactor for our Annie pa
ttern.. I am thrill to introduce you to Brenda Greenwalt. I received an amazing email from Brenda, who happened to hear about my fun Annie Swaps.. she asked if I would be interested in using one of her patterns. I have to tell you I was beyond thrilled at her request. I was also in awe and very honored that she asked me to use one of her patterns. Brenda is an amazing Annie Artist. She loves Annie's and is always designing new ones to share with us .. whether its through her on line store, or even through her news letters and blog. Speaking of blogs.. run by and thank her for her great kindness :0)
Brenda is al
ways thrilled to share her love of Annies with everyone she meets..
Thank you
again Brenda.. Your my Angel :)


You have to go to visit this web sight Lillie Mae's Crafts to look at all of her wonderful patterns.. In your sign-up e-mail you have to tell me which Annie pattern you liked the best. This is your admittance to participate in this swap. I will be checking to see which one you chose ;) This is the only way you will get the free pattern from Brenda to play in my swap :)
Ps If you choose to purchase a pattern while your visiting.. please don't purchase Sunny Days, this is the lovely pattern we will be using for our swap :)

While you are there visiting Brenda's web site.. please sign up for her wonderful news letter. She offers fun patterns and reader participation in her letters.. I just love her news letters they are very very fun... so hurry don't miss out on another issue ;)

All free craft patterns, designs and project ideas - Crafting With Lillie Mae's - http://lilliemaes.blogspot.com/
Purchase patterns at PatternMart :)

Since this swap is a Halloween Swap...
This is a designers choice.. you have to either dress your Annie/Andy in Halloween themed fabric attire or you can dress her/him in a Halloween costume like our example made by AwtemNymp :) We are using the body of the doll only .. then dress it anyway you want too :) I will be making a link for Flickr soon.. so we can show off our wonderful Halloween Annie/Andy dolls when they are finished ;)

I am anticipating this swap to be large .. so you better sign up fast :) .. I will only take the first 100 persons to sign up. International swappers are gladly accepted :) Brenda has provided a wonderful gift to give each of my participants who sign up. I will send that gift along with the pattern as you sign up.
THERE IS NO GIVING AWAY OF THIS PATTERN OR GIFT PLEASE!! All of Brenda's work is copyrighted...
Brenda has so graciously given this pattern to me as gift for my swaps... so please do not share it. Also don't forget if you post about this swap don't forget to link back to her, so we can let people know who designed this wonderful pattern :)

Sign up @
just copy and paste to your email :)

Telephone Number:
Pattern you liked:
Did you sign up for news letter?
Ship International?

Sign ups start Aug 22ND and Ends Sept 12Th. Sign ups will end early if 100 people sign up before.... Sept 12Th. The Annie's MUST be at your partners house on or before Oct 24Th.. so please plan accordingly!!! This time frame gives you a little over a Month to complete your Annie's and get them sent out on time.

As always its not a requirement to send extras.. but if you do keep them handcrafted or inexpensive. Your partner will be pleased with your thoughtfulness ;) Also If you have any questions regarding swap etiquette visit my blog button to read them :)

I am going to be holding two give-aways during this swap..... They will consist of fun Halloween items. The give-aways will be announced when I return home from vacation :) I will show what is in each one of the give-aways :) There is only one catch to joining in on one of these give aways... to be eligible for that one you have to purchase one of Brenda's lovely patterns. The other one is free to everyone ;) As a lot of you know I have indicated that I am going on Vac soon.. it will be right after the swap sign ups are completed, and assigned.. so if you have questions.. please ask them now... Other wise they might be delayed while I'm on vacation.... I may not be able to answer questions daily.. but I will get on the net and check emails every 2nd day or so.. please don't get upset if I don't answer right away :0)

Clip art for purchase from:
Digi Web Studio

Bumps in the Night Flickr Group


AwtemNymf said...

*claps* I am so happy that you announced this F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! Yippy Skippy! You know I am in. I'd love to make another one! Off to email you now! Woohoo!! Cute announcement and graphics too!

luv2quilt2 said...

I am very interested in the apron swap. I'll be looking for it.

CathyJean said...

Ha!! I see someone else couldn't wait until the 22nd :)
Can we sign up now or do we need to wait?

angiesraggedypatch said...

It will be hard to wait that long wont it???
Sounds like fun! So glad I found you blog!

JKW said...

I look forward to Aug. 22 to sign up. My birthday is Oct. 24 YAY what a great gift!!

YES on the Apron Swap. Go see my aprons (Elvis and Rooster) on my blog. Blessings, Janet

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Brenda's patterns and her newsletter. Right now she has a photo of a doll that was her grandmother's posted on her site. She also has a photo of herself. The doll looks like her! This swap looks like it will be a lot of fun! Thank you for doing this. Ronda

JRZ Jenn said...

oh this sounds fun. I'll have to see if I can get a few of my other obligations done, because I go back to work Sept 1st, and I want to have plenty of time for the swap. I'll check back when sign ups open and let you know for certain then.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi!! Oh you KNOW I can't wait to sign up! I've got your button to put up right away on my side bar! I also want to wish you a safe, but FUN vacation!! ENJOY!!

Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

Oh, I would love the apron swap! and I look forward to this one too!

San-Dee said...

I'd love the idea of an apron swap for halloween!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Anxiously awaiting Aug. 22. (Hope I don't forget!) AwtemNymph's Annie is wonderful.

Becky said...

I want to swap! It's so much fun!
can't wait to sign up!!!!!!!

Gigi said...

I have finished my Halloween Annie and just decideing how to send her and a few little things along with her, Im excited to see who my partner will be and so is She!!! She is my first Annie ever and I really love her!!!

Gigi said...

My sweet Annie left yesterday for her new home with Tracey in Austrailia!!!!
Gigi in Bentonville

Gigi said...

Just a thumbs up to let you know mine and Tracey's Annoes have made it to their new home. I love my sweet Austrailian Annie, and I know mine has a great new home too!!! Thanks so much for this super fun swap!!!
Gigi in Bentonville