Friday, August 21, 2009

Revised Post :)

Guess what today is???????? Yes..... you guessed it!!!
Annie Sign ups begin :) ... don't forget to follow the rules..
I will be checking up on you ;)

Speaking of Annies: Run over here and vote for my Annie
Please :)
Or the Annie that you like the best :)


Jindi's Cottage said...

Been over and cast my vote. Love the fabrics you used to dress her. Grabbing the Bumps in the Night button and attending to putting it up on my blog. So excited to play again.

Anonymous said...

Ok ladies! After you have signed up to participate in the Annie Swap - go vote for doll #5.

CathyJean said...

Yay!!! let the fun begin :)

AwtemNymf said...

I'm signing up for this please! I've emailed you! :O)

Mistea said...

Thanks for hosting, I am looking forward to some fun with this one. Actually off for some fabric shopping this afternoon, can't wait to get started. All set got my email and now I have the button too.