Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Correction to the Annie pattern :)

For all of you that are getting a head start on your Annie's or Andy's :)
You know as a writer or an artist there are times.... no matter how hard you try you will make a mistake. I know I can write a blog post, read it and read it.. then a couple of days later I see the mistake. .but for the life of me at the time I wrote it I didn't find the mistake.....Well ......... on our Annie patterns if you are going to make the dress for your Annie. I have been advised there is a slight mistake.. here is the excerpt from my convo:
Well, you said we'd be just using the doll and not the dress. But, I did use her dress pattern and I had a question about the neck opening. In the pattern Brenda said cut away for the neck opening but, I couldn't really tell how or where so I emailed her. Brenda said that was a mistake. The new pattern doesn't say cut away.
So ladies no cutting away from the neck to make the dress :) I hope this has helped all of you :) If your dressing your doll with Themed fabrics :)
If you have other questions.. please email Brenda.. I am sure she will help you ;)


CathyJean said...

thanks for the "heads up"!

Anonymous said...

Think of it as a test of your creative talents! r