Monday, August 24, 2009

I am honored with another award

Ms S... AwtemNymf has given me this awesome award. I know there are a lot of award free blogs out there.. but I feel very honored and want to post when some one gives me an award. I am always happy to get an award that shows that I am doing what I am setting out to do in the blog world. Caring, sharing and being creative for others to enjoy ;)
Now I'm supposed to pass this Bella Sinclair Award to 5 other wonderful Bloggers. It's so hard to choose only 5. :0)
I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, as that's not my intent.
There's so many out there!
So I will pass it on to: (in no order of favoritism)
1. Jane
2. Naomi
3. Ruth
4. Mary Grace
5. Jennifer


Turtles In North Dakota said...

OMG! I completelforgot about the award you gave me. I am SO sorry. I will get it posted this week.

You deserve the awards! You always have such a creative and fun blog!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh yay for you, you blog is so fun and full of inspiration, thank you so much for passing the award on to me. I am very grateful!