Sunday, August 16, 2009

Less than a week to sign up :)

Wow does time fly or what???
It's less than a week to sign up for the New APP Annie swap :)
I thought I would have all of my Christmas Gifts made before it was time for all of you to sign up. But sadly I have not been working on them too much in the last couple of weekends. I have had a ton of legal stuff going on. It was all those have to sort of things that I could not get out of. This weekend on my days off I have more appointments that I have to make. Oh well maybe I can get a tad bit of sewing done before today is over. I am sure I could if I would just get off this darn computer ;) I planned on sewing all day.. but when my brother asked me out to lunch... I hated to turn him down. As I have not spent anytime with him since the first of July when we went down to my property, and visited the family graves. We had a great lunch.. we laughed and chatted about the younger years when we were both young and silly ;)
When I got home ..... I was looking at the date and it's just a little over a month and I fly out to San Francisco to meet my sweet and dear friend Nadine :) and of course my family :) I can tell you, I am getting more and more excited each day about meeting Nadine in person for the first time. We chat on line and on the phone all the time. I laugh because she is so much like me in a lot of ways. She has a crazy sense of humor just like me. I would swear we are sisters. We are just so much alike ....Even down to the things we like, foods, music, movies, sewing styles.. almost spooky. :) Nadine and I have already planned out some of the things we want to do. I know we are going to hit several of the Quilting shops in San Francisco. We have talked about doing a day in Monterrey :) My Bubba suggested we hit Haight-Ashbury, and check out some of the cool shops. I have always wanted to take a photo of the street sign of Haight-Ashbury.. I'm still an old hippie at heart. Maybe Nadine and I could have our pictures taken there. I would also like to walk around Berkley.. Berkley has some of those really cool little bohemian boutiques.... there are lots and lots of fun things to do :) I usually have a hard time fitting everything in that I want to do while I am out there ;) Besides ...its time to get a new sweat shirt from Berkley mine is worn out :) I know for sure we have to do things that the Pitty can do... as she always goes with me ;) LOL Nadine was laughing about her the other day ... She asked if Pitty would ride around in my purse... heck yes that's an old standard way of traveling for her. Then Nadine said to me.... she really is a pocket pup isn't she. I laughed and told Nadine that when Pitty came home to live with me she did fit inside of a shirt pocket with room to spare :) Hence I use to call her the pocket pup :) It's funny the first day that I got her I put her in my pocket. We drove over to dads...she was sound asleep in that big roomy pocket. I went to show her off to dad and Ms K.....My step mom asked where she was and I pulled her out of my shirt pocket... Ms K just laughed and laughed and said my baking potato we're having for dinner is bigger than her :) ( The pitty was less than a pound then) They were so excited for me to get the Pitty. I had a really rough time when I lost two of my sweet little Chis 30 days of each other. My family was really worried about me.. because I was so upset over their loss....But a year later I decided to look for a new lap sweetie :) Hence my pocket puppy... and she goes with me everywhere ;) Speaking of pocket pup... she needs new clothes to wear out to SF that means mommy has to get off this darn computer and start sewing if she doesn't want the baby to be nakie on her trip :)


NadineC said...

Hey! I am sooo looking forward to meeting face-to-fade, APP! We will have a ball! Been checking out places to stay and all that stuff that you need to arrange for a vacation :-) Bringing an extra suitcase for fabric, LOL! And especially looking forward to meeting the Pitty :-) I'll bet she's sweet (hope she doesn't decide she want to chew my face off! Haha!).

Anonymous said...

Ok you two - so what is the back story? How do you two know each other? R

Elise said...

Hello, just wanted to pop in & leave you a comment because you have such a delightful site ! I've loved looking at your pictures and reading your posts - they are great !

Thank you so much for sharing them

CathyJean said...

Hey, Auntie!! I'm sooo excited that you and Nadine are going to get to visit! Be sure to give her a hug for me and get lots of pics :)