Sunday, August 30, 2009

OK OK!!!!

I awoke Friday morning and I was thirsty... so I trekked into the kitchen opened up the refrigerator door and grabbed my life blood Pepsi. I took a couple of swags and went on up and and took a shower. Dressed, drug a rake through my hair and polished my toofies. As most of you know our toofies start getting stained as we get older from the different foods that we eat. No amount of toofie polish or cleaning will get them back to the luster they were when we were younger, other than doing that expensive bleaching process. No matter how much I polish...I can not get a shiny bright smile any more. I am sure it has to do with the Pepsi staining them :)
Ok on with this what I think is a strange but funny story ;)
So I got ready for work and got to the front door and thought hey I should grab a Pepsi to take to work with me. I thought naw I will get one on the way to work at the local stop and rob because sometimes I like ice. I left the house and headed that way. I got to the corner where I either turn to go to work or go forward to the stop and rob. Which is past the bridge, and just on the other side of the stop light. Well I took the turn not thinking.... so I headed on into work. I could not just go around the block as I was now on the Highway, on the way to Ta Town. I don't know about you but I thought about that Pepsi all the way to work and as soon as I got in the door. I stopped put my two one dollar bills into the machine.. and LOw and BEHOld it was sold out!!!!! The machine popped back one dollar bill and gave back 6 quarters. Now I don't know if that was someone Else's change from 2 one dollar bills or not. Of course I called the receptionist for the vending company .. she asked who it was a I told her this is your Cranky local and not so friendly clerk at the Wichita Police Dept..... I don't have my hello good morning Pepsi... she started laughing and said .. I will have the boss out right away. LOL she knows its only me that calls when the machine is empty. She laughed and said I don't want you to be cranky.. we need you to be nice and friendly... So I think Wed when I go to work I will call and just say hello and say thank you :) Sure enough to her word.. he was out within an hour.. in the mean time I begged one of the Po PO guys and they went and got me an iced Pepsi :) But here is where the strange and funny part comes in.. I wondered to myself.. I says self... do you think God was tapping you on the shoulder and trying to tell me to get the Pepsi here and here .. or do you think he was trying to say.. you don't need that Pepsi????
Well I told several people of my story of the morning they just laughed and laughed... and everyone of them did believe the good lord was trying to tell me something and I just wasn't listening. What do you think???? What ever it was I sure was not listening!!!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I think he was saying, if that is your only vice, next time go straight!!!~

luv2quilt2 said...

When I was working, it was Diet Caffeine Free Coke that I just had to have. Since retiring, I have it just 2 or 3 times a week. Maybe he's telling you to enjoy them now!

Just for you . . . said...

Well that little story sure made me chuckle to myself!!

I'm a bit of a Diet Cola-a-holic and have to say after advice from my dentist try not to drink it straight from the bottle or can but instead through a straw as it avoids any threat of staining!!

So, don't give up what you love - grab some straws LOL

PS Also have a brilliant tip for whitening your teeth but for this you'll have to remind me of your address!!


AwtemNymf said...

Must have Pepsi- so you will be nice! :O)

I'm a Diet Coke girl myself! And I should now drink from a straw! :)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said... needed to call the Pepsi lady to refill the machine. Someone might have really needed a cold Pepsi a bit later in the day. If you hadn't made that turn, you might not have noticed the empty machine until much later. You probably made someone's day just a bit brighter :)

West Michigan Quilter said...

Hey, we need caffine! LOL I'm a Mountain Dew person myself. I need my caffine! Who can be nice without caffine?

Anonymous said...

Straight Coke-a-Cola person here. Your routine in the am reminded me of myself. I just have to have a Coke before I can start the day. My kids used to have a spare coke hidden for me, just in case. Wonderful story. I'd like that teeth whitening remedy though, that Just For You (Lisa)said. i will have to remember to drink through a straw. Hugs, Sylvia.