Monday, August 24, 2009

Psychedelic :)

I don't know about you but I love how this little back pack turned out. I am of course giving it to my teen-age niece. She will love it!! I always thought it would be sooooooo cool to have something of my very own that was different than everyone Else's when I was in school. Well this little baby is truly different than anyone Else's back pack :)
I wasn't going to show anything that I am making on the blog until I returned home.. but I don't think the Niece will be reading my blog. I don't think she even knows I have one :) I was so excited about how this back pack turned out I just had to share it with you!!

I used pre-quilted Bastik materials then I used hand dyed materials for the accents. Then I topped it off with an awesome vintage pink button :)

Oh My Goodness I just noticed I did the pocket flap wrong!!!
Can you tell????
The flap should match the bottom material?
Does it look like I should go back and change it???
I sort of like it like it is :0)

So Ladies what do you think??? Me***** I am going to go back into the sewing room and make one for me today.. I will have to quilt some fun material I have on hand. I am going to make one to use when I go shopping with Ms Nadine on my vacation :) LOL In fact the material has those fun ladies on them and it says GONE SHOPPING :) I think the back pack will be a riot made out of this fun material;)

I still have to make my apron like the one I made Nadine..
We said we were going to wear them out one day when we were out shopping.
I think that will be a ton of fun also.. so its off to sew again :)

*************up date**************
I have been upstairs sewing away.. It got way too hot and I had to come down stairs and turn the fan on and point it up the stair well. I am hoping it will cool it off a bit up there. I was so warm the fabric was sticking to my hands and arms. YUCK!!!
At least I got the fabric quilted cut out.. straps cut and sewn, pockets cut and sewn, and the accent fabric is cut and ready to sew. After that its put on the pocket, measure and sew the casing where the straps go and then sew down the sides and I am done!!! Yeah and another project done for the day. I figure its about another hours worth of work :)
Then I am going to start on the men's neck coolers.. those are way easy. I make a ton of those each year, and give them to family and friends. I love them they turn out nice and are very useful in the hot summer sun. Then I am going to look in all of my numerous patterns and see if I can find my pattern for those do rags that the guys wear. I want to make my boys a few of those too. :)
Awe sew sew sew!!!!!!
Ps Don't forget to run by and vote for me .. only two voting days left :)
I'm #5 :)


luv2quilt2 said...

Really cool backpack. I wish I had some of that cool 'Gone Shopping' fabric. I'm going to go look for it.

Turtles In North Dakota said...

Adorable! Leave the flap she will never know and its kind of quirky! Now I see why you were looking so hard for the pattern! Too cute!

CathyJean said...

I LOVE your backpack!!! Don't change it, it's great the way it is and she will love it too :) Lucky girl!

Allison said...

I love the backpack and wouldn't change it.

AwtemNymf said...

That is a hip backpack. I didn't notice anything about the flap- until you said something. I LOVE it the way it is! So unique. NOONE will have one like it but your niece! How sweet of you!
You done good girlfriend :)

Sherry said...

Well I just went to vote. But I need to ask you about these mens neck coolers. I'm makeing something for my sister thats going to Florada and its going to be very warm. So if you could let me know what your doing would be great. Thanks and i loved your Doll.

Tulsi said...

I didn't notice anything wrong with the pocket. It looks nice.

Yarni Gras! said...