Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Lazy Sunday :)

Wow its been a busy morning here in Ta Town. I'm doing laundry, I've done the dishes and then~~ The Pitty got a pedicure, and the Mommy got a pedicure. We both got a bath and Mommy sprayed fro fro all over us :) I don't know about the Pitty
but I love it when my toe nails are all short and filed and all comfy in my socks and shoes ;)

We are going into town to see Grandpa and then we are going over to Momma Bears. I haven't spent much time with them lately as I am working on Holiday presents for the family out in CA :) I know they miss me!!! because dad says when you coming to town to see me??? Aweeeeeee I feel so wanted and special :)
Monday and Tuesday will be my two sewing days ;) Now that I found the Back Pack pattern there is no excuses not to get to work on that gift. Then I found this awesome tutorial... on how to make an arm chair organizer.. I might try my hand at one of those too during my up coming sewing spree. My Aunt loves to read and sometimes falls asleep in her recliner chair. I think one of those arm chair thing a ma jaggies would be just the ticket for her. She could put her glasses and paperback in it when she wants to take a little old snooze a rooni :) When she wakes she doesn't have to have us help her search for those pesky glasses :)
OK ladies.. keep the cards and letters coming for sign ups.. its so fun to see what patterns everyone likes. Don't forget to run by and thank Ms. Brenda, for the wonderful pattern she is sharing with us. For what I hope to be a fun and exciting Annie Halloween Swap :)

***************Up Date****************
Well I must have been the most popular girl in the world this week!!! My Bubba was even looking for me yesterday. He was trying to take me to the hamburger place, he attempted to take to me to last weekend. We arrived at our destination and they were close.
So he thought of me yesterday.... he said self!!! " I'll call sis and ask her if she wants to go and get a burger!!!"
Wow didn't I tell you I felt special!!!! This just proves it....
Then to add on to what I was just talking about...
There is a girl that comes into my work all the time to get a drink
and use the restroom as our building is a public building..
well anyway on Friday she came in and handed me a sack.
She says " I just thought you could use something sweet.
Your always smiling and waving to me.
I always look forward to seeing you
when I drop in" ( Inside was Chocolate!!!!)
Now I was blown away by this RAOK, because
I don't really know her, but I always try
and at least smile and wave to her. I guess she noticed :)
I am setting here grinning from ear to ear right now!!!!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

We're having a quiet Sunday here too...early church, breakfast, quiet play time, family birthday party this afternoon, then back home for the rest of a quiet day. Nice way to spend a Sunday.

And I got a pedicure yesterday too!

Isn't it lovely to have happy feet?

Enjoy your day, M!


luv2quilt2 said...

Sounds like a good day to me. My daughter and I got pedicures together at the beach. I even got flowers on my tootsies!

Ooty said...

well, we are working on Sundays at Israel so and it is still loooooooooooooong summer break for the kids so it was super busy sunday here , your day seems very nice one compare to mine=P

Anonymous said...

Ok, so after all the suspense - where did you find the backpack pattern? r

smilinggreenmom said...

Oh what an adorable blog! I love doing my feet with my daughter too. It is not only great bonding time...but my feet are happy too :) We love to just soak them in some hot water with essential oils, pumice each others dry spots (well, just mine), then we rub our Topricin foot cream all over for some serious relaxation! Of course we add our fav pick of colors at the end. This is what a pedicure is all least for me. Cheaper, quality time with my girlie and relaxed feet!