Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An amazing upcycle idea :)

I am always talking about deconstruction or up-cycling items. A member of cut out and keep came up with this very clever and fun idea. This my friends is an awesome idea. I love it!! I can't think of a better way than this... to use old sheets. I do know that some women are using old sheets to make quilts.. but I have not gotten that far into my research on that topic yet. What do you think.. isn't this marvelous???
It's so much fun!!

I remember when I was a very your girl at the tender age of 7 years. I had my favorite dress up skirt it was a twirly skirt like this. It had a carousel horses along the bottom hem. The skirt was white and the horses were many many colors. I had this pink lacy petty coat that would make it stick out and bounce, like in the 50's with the poodle skirts. I had to use a huge safety pen to hold it up on my waist. That didn't matter, because you could never see it in the back. I remember standing out in the back yard for hours and hours twirling in that skirt and yes wearing my go go boots.
Those were fun days for sure!! Being able to dress up and feel big and important!
If I could have imagined then.. was I one of the glamorous girls from SEX IN THE CITY?
All dressed up in designer apparel.
LOL I don't think there was any such thing as designer apparel when I was young!
That started coming in to my vocabulary when I was in my High School Years :)


Nora Andersen said...

Greetings from Kiel / Germany!

Your blog is very interesting. I think I need a lot of time to read and watch all.
You are very busy with your posts.
I like your blog very much.
Warmest greetings from Kiel, Nora :-))

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