Thursday, May 27, 2010

I spoiled myself ;)

Last week I decided to make myself something special. I haven't sewn anything new from my little ole self in a long time. I decided it was high time I did something about that. I took a few days and did some hand stitching and then I started piecing fabrics together. I have been taking applique squares to work with me ... I really wanted something special to put them in. I decided to make myself a cute tote bag. I took the design idea off a blog... who's was it you ask... well I have to be honest.. I saw the idea a couple of places. All I can tell you for sure is I love loved loved their idea for a design :) I also want to thank Mistea Crafts for showing us her awesome looking purse she made very similar to this tote... She used some very fun and bright fabric strips on her bag. I loved that little bag so much. I knew I had to make one similar for myself ;)
Isn't that what blogging is all about? Getting great ideas from each other?

Here is my finished project.. I used muslin for the design panel. Then I used some wonderful fun fabrics my sweet friend Sandy W at Awtemnymf sent to me from CA. She found these lovely fabrics at a garage sale ;) Aren't the fabrics fantastic? The fabrics were already cut into strips and squares. Putting this tote together went fast and easy :) I really enjoyed making it!

The back side of my sewing tote ;)

Here is the inside of the tote filled with wonderful hand stitching goodies... Ms Nadine do you see that awesome pincushion that you made me along time ago from selvages???

Now your going to say what the heck is this? This is two very pretty place mats sewn together to make a sewing case. I had to make the button hole by hand... I didn't have a machine that made button holes when I made this. I was flying out to CA in 1986 when a lady had one of these in her lap and she was doing some hand work.. I fell in love with it and asked how she made it. As soon as I landed I had mom take me to the store so I could make one. Isn't it fun??

Here is the inside of the tote :) Look look lots of places to put your things.. I even have a pair of snips tied by a ribbon to the tote so it doesn't get lost ;) Also there is a needle case in one of the pockets. The big pocket on the left is
open so you can put a project in it ;)
The large pocket on the right has sewn sections in it.
My baby sister liked it so much I made her one for her
birthday that same year. She loved it and uses it all the time when she sews.


Mistea said...

Cool tote - that is a cute stitched sewing machine design.

Love all the goodies you get in there as well - cool sewing taker.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Cute fabrics and of course a sewing machine is the perfect design for a sewing tote. Well done, enjoy using your new bag.

Doris Sturm said...

What a nice tote bag with a design of a sewing machine on the outside - so you ;-)

Lovely fabric - you guys are just so talented :-)

APP, hope you and Pitty Pat are doing well...and the horses too - have a nice day!

Doris and Gizzy

NadineC said...

Oh how cute! Love the embroidered sewing machine on the front and you do such a good job! When I retire, I want to start doing some embroidery - maybe I'll have to come to Kansas and have you teach me :-) What a fun sewing tote! And thanks for pointing out the pincushion - I had kinda forgot about it - maybe I need to make some more of those (lord knows, I have enough selvages!!!). I know I've been neglecting you this week so I'll call you this weekend for sure! :-)

Beansieleigh said...

Love the placemat sewing case!! Think this would be great for Christmas gifts, so I'm definitely keeping this idea in mind! Thanks for sharing it, and enjoy your weekend! ~tina

Sherry said...

what a cute bag!

La Alex said...

Hi! I really like your work!

NicNacManiac said...

I am in love with this absolutely adorable will you be with these fresh colors and the fantastic sewing machine on the front....awesome!! Happy Day xOxO

lindaschiffer said...

What a great tote! I'm glad to have found your blog -- waving hello from Seminole!

:) Linda