Monday, May 17, 2010

Yeah I must be feel better ;)

During the last couple of weeks .. I started feeling a lot better than I had in a long time... But....Last week I had a set back ... I had the most horrible flu. I was sick to my tummy for two days. It really wasn't a pretty site. Ugh!!!! just when you think your doing so much better. Along comes some unexpected bug and zaps you! I can tell all of you for sure I am feeling close to my same old self today. I spent several hours sewing and just enjoyed creating.
I spent an hour today looking for my applique pressing cloth... I can't find it anywhere. I must of accidentally thrown it away when I was cleaning in the sewing room. I didn't know what to do .. so I wasted some fusible web so I could use the release paper to tack all my pieces in place. Boy I sure hated ruining that fusible. I guess you do what you have to in a pinch!
I finished cutting out my applique shapes and ironed everything down on the foundation block. Then I worked on getting caught up on my Siggy Block Swap. I am even ahead by a dozen blocks.. Yeah!!! Tomorrow I will have to do some of the hand stitching on my Block of the Month blocks from Pins and Needles Swap. I was lucky enough to sign up for my favorite month ..


My blocks are turning out so awesome. I guess I should finish up one so I can show you here on the blog what they look like. I am pretty excited about these blocks,
they are so full of the Halloween Spirit :)


Barb said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Mistea said...

You enjoy that sewing room - and all the fun to be had there.

Baking paper works well for an applique mat if you don't want to waste any more of your good stuff!

Love your little comment about it already being tomorrow in Australia. We even have sun again today!

Unknown said...

I hope you continue to stay well you poor thing .

Jindi's Cottage said...

Good to hear you are feeling better...I woke up sick this morning with a cold :( - yes this morning, 'coz it is already your tomorrow here in Australia as your little button says :)
You certainly are making up for lost time in the sewing room. Freezer paper works well too - it can be ironed on and peeled off a number of times. I expect that as it is an American product that is what you call it just says freezer paper on the box at the patchwork shop but I understand you have it in the supermarkets (we don't).
Hugs A & the J says woof

Anonymous said...

Hi , glad you are feeling better. I always read your blog, for inspiration, seems whether you are up or down, you always have something nice to say or something nice to share. Our family loves the recipes and I like that you just chat about what is on your mind. Thanks! Mary

Unknown said...

Mary thank you for your wonderful sweet comments... I have a serious question to ask.. do you think I should stop putting up Chocolate recipes???? Or expand my food choices!!!
I wonder how many people will read this comment :)

CJ said...

Hey Auntie!!
I'm so glad you are feeling better:) and back in the creative mood! Now, would you please send some of that "feel good creativity" my way??!
Maybe working on the Halloween blocks got you going. I love that time of year too :)
And, in answer to your question, yes! I think you should expand your food choices for recipes. Your chocolate recipes always look so good!! and then I want to bake... not so good for me. lol!!!
Have a wonderful day,

Pamela Kieffer said...

good morning, I am glad to hear you are working on your siggie-blocks. I received a request from a lady in France wanting 3, one for herself, a sister and her Mother. I wonder if I'll get 3 back.
Stay healthy, Pam