Saturday, May 15, 2010

Musings of days gone by…..

My Big Daddy O when he was young ;)

Growing up as a child.. my life was very different than most children. I lived with a young single dad. Which was unheard of in the very early 60's. Let alone parents getting a divorce. Life for me was very different. Endless days of fun and sun!!! To me dad walked on water.

Talk about handsome.. and wow what a dancer he was! The mash potato, the pony, the jerk, and lastly the frug. I remember when most of the world was listening to Western Swing music. We were listening to something wild and new… they called Rock n Roll. I remember living in Ok City, Oklahoma and listening to KMOA, it was one of the very first radio stations to play that wild and crazy music they called rock. Look out girls it was Elvis and the Beetles. Then a short time after.... came a lot of other wonderful musical artists. Johnny Rivers, The Box Tops, Lou Christy, The Letterman, and The Kinks, the list is end less. Songs like This Diamond ring, Lightning strikes, Sonny, Poor side of town, Send a letter Maria.. I still love these wonderful fun oldies. Every time I hear one of those oldies but goodies .. fun times of my youth comes to mind.
There were Beetle hair cuts, page boys and Nehru jackets and Beat Nicks. Life was very fun and carefree then. I spent endless hours riding around in Big Daddy O's Chevy with the top down... yes….. you guessed it!

Big Daddy O owned a 1964 convertible Corvette Sting Ray.
It was silver blue in color and a real eye catcher. I think Big Daddy O purchased that car because he got a lot of attention in it…. all the girls wanted to ride around in it. Not very many people owned such a hot car back then. It really was a singles vehicle of the times. I remember.. I was the one that always sat beside Big Daddy o... I had to sit on the console. Do you think , that was a young girl in the proper way to sit next to your sweetheart when out on a date??? Life for me was so much fun then.. it was awesome to be very hip and modern. My life style was nothing like the kids I went to school with. They were so jealous of all my fun adventures. Each Monday I had to tell them play by play the things we did over the weekend. I received so many oh’s and awe’s giving the details of the weekend. Especially when I told them the great race car drivers that I knew and grew up with. Connie Collette, Cha Cha Muldowney, Ted Detard, just to name a few of the awesome Quarter Mile drivers that I was so lucky to meet in my life time. It was weekends at the race track or the lake. Hot rods, RC colas, hot dogs, skate boards, mini bikes, and yes one of my favorites still ..

Moon Pies. I always had to have my favorite flavor…. chocolate of course. I remember being introduced to peanuts in my coke when you could find a coke to purchase. Coke wasn't common place in my area..Mostly I remember coke sort of got flat when half the bottle was filled with peanuts. This happened when you poured in the peanuts the salt made the pop all bubble up, and foam out...Speaking of other trends. I was so in love with my awesome white go go boots, Oh how I loved wearing those. Maybe those little white boots and my first pair of purple cowboy boots…. Were the down fall to me being on the long road to owning 34 pairs of cowboy boots. Yes I still have a pair of awesome purple cowboy boots. Its Justin Ropers all the way now ;) Young girls or I should say most females wore those cute cute little dresses that we called shifts. I am not sure what they call them now.. maybe a jumper. They were those sweet little A lined simple style dresses with no sleeves. Of course you had to have bangs.. and sported one or two pigtails. I thought I was so mod. Oh yes it was so fun to be hip. I was a very lucky girl to have such a progressive Daddie O. He is still very forward thinking for being in his 70's. He recently purchased one of those new Kawasaki motorcycles.. one of those that are very fast. I told him... you don't need to drive 250 mph. He assured me he would not. We will see.. lol.


BronnyB said...

I guess I would have been one of the schoolyard friends who ooohh'd and aaahhh'd at your exploits.
It feels like mine was far more victorian upbringing than yours...I didn't discover popular music until I hit high school in '75 - up until then it was pretty much only brass band and classical music.
Thank's for the insight into your childhood!

Barb said...

Your post sure did bring back alot of memories....those were the good ole sack lunch was not complete without a moon pie.

Linda Ruthie said...

What a fun story to read. My son LOVES that Corvette.

Nan said...

Wow you really had a cool Dad and I remember all those times myself and it was a fun read. Thanks for visiting me over on Retired in Alaska. I have met more neat folks this way.

Tulsi said...

I didn't know peanuts in coke was a trend. I remember seeing one of my friends do it in Junior High school and thought it looked gross. I've still never tried it. That was like in 1979ish

CJ said...

Wow, what a trip down memory lane! Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood ~ such great memories! :)
Thanks for sharing,