Monday, May 10, 2010

** UPDATED** A great way to store plastic sacks

Step Monster asked me to make her something for mothers day. I told her I would be delighted to make it for her. She asked me if I would make her a plastic sack holder. The one she showed me as an example was just a straight tube with ribbon at the top and some elastic in a casing at the bottom. She said that she wanted it bigger than the one she had. I knew exactly what I was going to make her after she asked me... I received an amazing fun Apron style bag holder like this one for Christmas from a friend in NC. I loved it. I thought it was so cute... I decided that I would make them as gifts this year for family and friends. Of course I had to spend an hour or so looking at the item and making a pattern.. but I think the copies turned out fantastic! I did modify hers from my pattern. I made the red bag part even bigger than this one ;) The photo's of this one went to Momma Bear.. my adopted family mom. Both mommas loved them... and was very excited to received them... Speaking of excited to receive them. Mom in Ca loved her Annie I sent her for Mom's Day. Sorry about the photos.. the day was very cold and cloudy here. Taking photos was very poor inside the house so I had to go outside to try and get a decent shot.
This little bag holder sure beats the plain Jane long tube ;)

There has been lots of interest on this apron holder.
It was very easy to make.
Let me share how I did it with all of you. ;)
Sorry No Photos!!
I took a piece of tissue paper and folded it in half and then folded it in half again to make a smaller sq. Then you measure 10 1/2 inches down the left fold. After that is completed you tie a pencil to a string. Hold the string at the top left corner, put your pencil point on the 10 1/2 inch mark and swing the pencil in an ark to the top of the tissue paper to the right of the left fold.
I hope this makes sense as your wanting to make a circle out of your piece of folded paper :)
When that is completed you will open the tissue into a half moon shape. I keep my folded over as it gives the tissue more body and not so flimsy. You might have to trim to make your half moon the shape you want it. I trimmed a tad off to make it more rounded.
Next you measure your tube fabric.
That is 18 inches long by 10 1/2 wide.
Next you will measure the cuff of your holder.
That is 12 inches by 3 inches...
I found if I allowed a tad extra length on the cuff fabric.. I was able to handle it better.
I cut off the extra length prior to serging it together.
I used a left over scrap of fabric to make the hanging holder. The one I made were 6 inches by 2 1/2 inches. You can make these bigger to slip over a door knob if you like. Sew along the edge... turned inside out and pressed flat with seam in the middle.
Ok now you have all the measurements...
Let me see if I can tell you how I put this together.
The first thing you do is serge all raw edges. Or zig zag if you don't have a serger.
Next I layered my lace and rick rack on top of the Apron fabric edge and sewed that down.
To make the tube.. first you must stitch your gathering stitch along the top.
Next sew the bottom casing for the elastic. You turn up the bottom edge aprox 5/8 and stitch very close to the raw serged edge. Sew the side seam leaving the bottom casing edge open. This is where you will thread in your elastic. Join the elastic together over lapping the ends. I guessed on the elastic length. (I have to have extra to work with. I have fatty hands and old Arthur doesn't help working with small amounts of anything). I used my zig zag elastic stitch and sewed the elastic together. After completion of inserting the elastic I sew up the small hole along the top of the casing.
Now its time to gather the top of the apron piece and the top of your tube. Once both pieces are gathered you put the apron back to the front side of the tube. Pin to hold together.
Lastly you iron a bit of interfacing to the wrong side of your cuff. Fold the cuff in half serge short end to make a circle and press.
Pin this all the way around the top of your tub and skirt all raw serged edges together. adjust gathering as needed.
Fold the little holder and place it raw edges on the outside of cuff at center back.. Serge all of theses items together.
And Va la' your sack apron tube is completed.
It didn't take very long to make these only a couple of hours. Remember I had to figure out the pattern too :) If you have any questions please send and email and I will see if I can help you figure it out. I am not so hot on the instruction thing.. If one of you great ladies make a tutorial.. I will replace these instructions with that ;) If you don't mind sharing ;)


Barb said...

That is adorable!!!

Linda Ruthie said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

That is one of the cutest bag holders I have seen.

Sherry said...

that is so adorable and looks like something i could tackle, thanks for sharing the idea.

Mistea said...

Just beautiful and so useful too - Love the apron fabric.

Cora said...

Too cute..... :)

Beansieleigh said...

An apron bag holder!! M, this is so CUTE!!! ~tina

Anonymous said...

Cu-ute or what! Much more fun than a plain old fabric tube.

Doris Sturm said...

This plastic bag holder is really cute. I love that it is in the shape of an apron. How appropriate!

I know both ladies enjoyed them very much.

Have a lovely evening,
Doris and Gizzy :-) (and Middi)

CC said...

I wish I had waited till I looked at your blog before I shopped on ebay for just such a pattern. For about a week and a half ago, I paid $10.00 for a McCalls craft pattern for just such a bag holder..Arghhhhh