Monday, May 3, 2010

All Warm and Fuzzy

Isn't it strange how one person sees something differently than another. No matter how many times you see that certain something.. it always makes you smile. This is the case on this fun little video my sweet friends. I just had to share it with you. When I need that little pick me up.. I just click on it and for some reason it lifts up my spirits. I have to tell you there is no Chocolate or Pepsi in it but it does keep ones eyes on the screen. Ok ladies before you watch this video.. you just might want to get a towel to wipe off your drool :) There's just something about this little video that I like ;) I don't know if its the catchy tune or the lip smacking, slobbering cute adult male with his little cutie hot wiggly butt moves... Ok so maybe I do need a cold shower after seeing this video.. but really the video is very cute give it a look see ;)

Whoosh... be still my pounding heart.................... after that little video I don't know if you will be able to sit long enough to watch this very fun quilt block video. I showed this to my mom and sister Allie when I was out in Ca. I have wanted to do this for quite sometime now. I think I will make the strips smaller and use this easy and fun block on my Holly Jolly Quilt as the border. What do you think??? Do you think it will work out? I think it would be fun using these blocks all the way around or do you think I should just use these blocks as corner stones.
Show us your blocks if you make some using this fun method ;)

I don't know about you but not everyone can not afford one of those fancy smancy sewing tables. This lady on this video has provided us with a very inexpensive way to turn our own sewing machines into a very user friendly sewing table. I think this was a very clever way to save everyone some money and still have an awesome space to work.
This table looks like it would take a couple of hours to make.
Wow great idea!!!

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

I have one final video to share with you today. I know a lot of you are like me and use your ironing board for everything. I have heard women use this little things that they call pressing blankets. I have to tell you I thought this was a very clever idea on how to make a pressing board that can be used right next to your sewing machine so you don't have to get up and down to use the ironing board. While I was watching this video on how to make a pressing board.... I wondered to my self... I said self!! I wonder if I could use that insulation stuff you use in pot holders to help keep the heat at bay and help stop the steam from soaking through. I wonder do you think that will work?? You all know me I am always trying to improve on a good idea ;)

Just think I was out of brilliant words to say over the weekend?
Now you can't shut me up :)
Its off to finish up on my two Annie's that I am making. The American Annie is all but done. The other Annie is going to be a gift for the little girl that lives across the street from the big Daddy O. He asked if I would please make him another dolly. He told me it was hard for him to give up the dolly that I made him before. He just could not take her down off the shelf above his computer. He said she makes him smile when he looks up there. I told him no worries I would make him another ;) After Annie is completed.. I have to start on the 12 blocks that I need to make for the Pins and Needles By the Month block swap. I was a very lucky girl.... I was the first one to sign up so I got all the months to choose from. It was a toss up would she choose Christmas or would she Choose Halloween......... If you guessed Halloween......Yes of course I chose Halloween. I have my idea for my block all picked out now I just need to make a pattern for it and I shall get started on those blocks also :)

I hope you have enjoyed the videos I have shared with you today :)
I hope you have learn a few new things along the way ;)


NadineC said...

Hey sweetie! I use a pressing blanket next to my machine. I made one using one layer of (non-quilted) silver stuff (that heat-resistant potholder stuff) and several layers of Warm & Natural batting. I covered it with an "envelope" of quilting cotton so I could remove it for washing. It is fabulous! I use it pretty much every day! I still have to get the ironing board out occasionally, but the pressing blanket is what I use the most.