Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Annies are done ;)

I have said several times that I joined in on an Annie Challenge.. Here is my completed little girl. I think she turned out in the Holiday spirit of the 4 of July ;)
This little Americana Annie was made with up-cycled materials to keep in the beliefs of us Americans. Save Mother Earth..
by deconstructing and reconstruction out of all ready used materials ;)

This little girl will be sent to Ca .. Mom sort of asked where her Annie was the last time I was out there. Everyone seems to get a doll but her. Since my mom served this country with honor. I feel this Annie is an Excellent Annie to send to her for Moms Day.
Happy Mom's Day DK :O)

I know your going to say to yourself.. Self doesn't that Annie have a mouth. Well yes she does. I used a very very light colored pink for her mouth. I didn't realize it would not show up in the photos. But believe me it looks like a very nice color on these little girls ;) Click on photos they will enlarge so you can see the details ;)

I promised the big Daddy O I would make him another Annie for the little girl across the street. Well this is the Annie I made. Isn't she cute?

I would also like to take a min and thank Brenda Greenwalt for giving this lovely Annie Doll pattern in one of her recent news letters for her followers. Thank you Brenda.. I really like how she works up ;) Adorable!!


I gave Big Daddy O his dolly at lunch today and he loved her.. He wasn't sure at that time which Annie he wanted to give away. The first one that I made him or this one. I can tell you by the end of the day he told me he was keeping the first one that I gave him. He says he is use to seeing her smiling face and knows its one of the first ones that I ever made. In fact I think she was something like dolly #3. He did tell me he liked the stitched on faces better than the painted ones. It's too bad his dolly has a painted on face. As everyone knows we improve as we go along ;) Which is a very good thing!!! I don't blame him not caring so much for my painted on faces.. I don't paint so hot. But I try :) Dad mostly laughed when he saw the wild and bright painted socks ;) Yeah..... I thought they were sort of way over the top to!!! But I did love how both of them turned out... The Americana Annie is now in route to CA.... :) I hope she has a safe flight ;)
And gets lots and lots of hugs when she gets there ;)


Doris Sturm said...

Oh, how cute they are, APP...I love them. It's amazing how much personality they convey. Nice job! I'm sure everyone will be very happy with their Annies :-)

Hope you're doing well!
(I was gone last week and missed a lot, sorry!)

Mistea said...

They sure are two cuties. So good to see you have been having fun playing in the sewing room.
What a fun gift for mothers day - sure to be loved and treasured.

Cora said...

They are both really cute!!! Love them...give yourself a big pat on the back!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi M! You know I love my dollies, and this sweet little Annie came out adorable!! Love her bright colors, and long braids! ~tina

CJ said...

Ahhhhh! they are both soooooo cute!!!! :) I saw the Americana Annie over on Pins, but the other lil' gal is just as sweet!
Great job, Auntie♥