Monday, February 16, 2009

2nd Doll Ready to Drop :)

I would like to introduce you to Roxie Pendergrass.
I had so much fun making my other little doll that I just had to make another one. I was hoping I could make one doll a month :) More if time allows. I am now caught up on my two needed dolls for the year :)
I would like you to know that this doll is made from scratch and from my own designs. I hope to get better as I make more of these darling little girls. Next toy I make..... needs to be a boy toy. Do any of you have a pattern for a robot or something that would work for a boy. HA!!!! I just had a scathingly brilliant idea!!! I could make a rocket!!! Yes that is what I will make next month, a rocket for a little boy.

As you all know I have my poor little snail up there that has only moved once. It shows how many Christmas Presents I have made so far this year. Yes... Yes... I know I need to get busy and start working on those now. :) I have only one other thing that is a must to sew on my last day off from work tomorrow ... that is my apron for Booming Aprons Apron Swap :) It's for St Paddy's Day :) Then during the week I will work on the rest of my Quilt blocks.. I didn't work on those at all this weekend. But they are not due until Tax Day :) So I have lots of time to work them ;) I think this next weekend, will be a four day weekend. I get Presidents day off for holiday. I always have Mondays off so... I get to choose another day off. I chose to take a day off close to my Birthday so I could have a long weekend :) Which means more blogging and sewing time :) Yeah!!!!!!


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Oh she is as sweet as can be!!!! I love her:) And I can't wait to see the "rocket" toy :)


Janet, said...

I think both your dolls are beautiful! I think any girl (or adult) would love them.