Friday, February 27, 2009

Time Flys

Wow where has the week gone??? I haven't posted a thing in 4 days!!! It seems like life just picks up and carries us away sometimes into that black void I call the Great Nothing-Ness. I know I spent one entire evening before I went to bed working on my Siggy Quilt blocks. I got my 60 completed and then turned around and signed up for round 2. I think its pretty cool to get quilt blocks from all over the world. The blocks that I will received will be awesome. I look forward to the colors, the location of each participant, the personalization of each block. I am sure these blocks will make a fun and interesting quilt. Each participant is to put his or her state and/or Country on their block. It will be exciting to see how many countries are in this set of 60 blocks. :) I am excited to start the second set. This is my first quilt block swap and in fact I haven't done much piecing of quilts. Let me back up on that... I have sewn blocks before but they were all wonky and I could not figure out how come. I have done a lot of reading, watching videos, and TV programs on how to quilt. I have discovered its a very precise sort of craft. No fudging... I had to throw out several of my blocks because they were wonky. But I am happy to do that if I learn from my mistakes.. I hope to do more piecing of blocks and quilting.... as everyone knows. I have to put my lazy Grace to work :)

I never posted the photo of the Owl that Carla won :) Isn't it cute????


NadineC said...

Hey lady! I wuz wondering what the heck was going on with you - you are so blog-prolific normally! That new job must be beatin' the stuffins outta ya! Love the owl - both Carla's and mine! She and the pusscat are on my dining room table (not sure why I call it a DINING room table anymore - we haven't DINED on it in years, LOL!). Hope the job's getting a bit easier - hugs to you, my friend :-)

i cant sew said...

where does time go? i wish i could pause life at 8:30pm when all the kids are in bed and i get the tiniest bit of me time. congrats to the winners of the owl naming contest.
%*_*% rosey

Sherry said...

i have been wondering about you, i always look forward to read your daily post, glad to see you've just been busy. i know what you mean on the wonky thing,i have been trying to learn to quilt and things just don't seem to come out right, and wonky is the word. have a great weekend :-)

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Love the owl!
He/She is the cutest!
Debbie Moss

Carla said...

I love it too. It's darling! She has named herself Owletta.

grammatrish said...

hey marcel, love the owls!! and the jokes..too funny