Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Kittens :)

So there I was . .. . just relaxing in front of the T.V.
When the kids yelled, “Hey Mom! Come see the kittens.”


Betty aka Fudgie said...

I haven't known you for very long so I do not know if those girls do belong to you. Any way...awesome photo...if they did not get sprayed!'ve been tagged!

Ooty said...


AwtemNymf said...

oh my- those "kittens" are adorable! Can they still spray at that age? Skunks are cute! Look at them all! haha!
I've been tagged... ok! I'm playing.. I'll post my answer in a few minutes! *off to get some coffee*
Thanks & Hugs!

Unknown said...

LOL =) no everyone these are not my children.. its just a photo that I saw along time ago on the net and love it. It just looks like what innocent children would really do :)I know at that age if it had been me I would have known the difference living in the country. But city kids wouldn't :)
In fact grandfather says there are two kinds of skunks... Polecats and Civetcats.. one has a single strip down the back and the other one has two stripes ;) Is this true I don't know for sure. That was what he told me when I was small :)I always believed everything he said ;)

RavenM said...

Baby skunks are so cute! I've seen them in a little pile in the ditch coming up our driveway at night. They have the cutest little spikey mohawks:-)

Carla said...

Very cute!! Happened to me one time. Thought it was a cute kitty and got sprayed. Mom wouldn't let me in the house. Sent me down the street to Aunt Dot's. She had a bathtub. Several baths in tomato juice and I still stunk for days.