Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello my sweet bloggie friends :) Thank you for all the nice e-mails asking if I am ok!!! Yes I am ok... I just started a new job and new hours this week. I have to tell you it has sort of kicked me in the pants. I use to work 9pm - 7am 4 days a week ... now I am working 7am -5pm four days a week. So I have been very tired and trying to learn to sleep nights. It has been over 8 years of O dark Thirty hours at work. I also had a lot of personal things to do this week. Like Dr's appointments, shopping for new clothes to wear at the new job. Banking stuff... and so on.... So doing all of that has left me no time to sew or blog. But I hope I am more of my sweet funny self this week :) I have missed visiting all of your blogs also!!! I am sorry I have not been around...just a lot on the plate.
I hope all of you had a wonderful and Happy Valentines Day with your Families and Friends :) I know I had a great day with my sweet Daddie O and Step Mom :o)
I have some swaps I need to post up on the blog for all of you to drool over!!! Eye candy coming up!!! I know you will love seeing my newest aprons that I received from Swaps. I love them and I am sure you will too!!! And NO you can not have the one from Nadine :) It's all MINE!!


Val said...

I cannot wait to see the pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have really enjoyed yours.

ittybittyandpretty said...

whats the new job???? cant wait for the eye candy, thats the best sort of candy.

Betty aka Fudgie said...

I thought that was you I saw dressed all in leather with a pack of men following close behind. Understandably they all had euphoria glazed eyes. Since you went missing that even more established the "women in leather hypothesis."

Unknown said...

Well the new job is not very exciting. In fact to me it was a demotion, and a play cut. I was injured and could not do the job I did for 24 years. So I had be reclassified to something that would meet my medical restrictions. This job was open and I was sort of forced to take it. I asked if I didn't take this job what would happen.. they said they would probably start termination papers on me!!! Great Company to work for right!!!! After so many years of working for them and getting hurt on the job too!!! I am looking on the bright side I still have a job!! Times are very hard out there right now. I see it all around me, so I am not the only one having troubles. But thank you for being excited anyway for me. I am sure this new job will be ok once I adjust to it in all aspects. Hugs M

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

My what big eyes you have! :]
You do have a lot of adjustments going on-bless your heart!