Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jannypies... sewing/ Craft center .. check this out fantastic!!!!

DIY Craft Desk

Costs & Materials:
2 of these Cubicle Storage units from Target $50 now, I spent $40. 1 sheet of MDF, 1" thick, about $25 at Home Depot 4 1x4" boards $2 each Home Depot 2 Table Legs (I actually used 2 railing things, cause I liked the shape of them) $2 each HD White Primer and Paint Screws

Photos of the project: BEFORE- $35 desk from Craigslist, sheet covered table.
Idea sketch of new desk design.
During assembly - I first put together the cube shelves and then attached them with 2 1x4" boards. This was to make it stable and not let the MDF top sag in the middle. On the L side, I attached the legs and more 1x4s around the edges.Painted and sealed -
I attached the tops and then painted it and sealed with varnish.
It really didn't take much time at all, once I had it planned out and the parts purchased. Buying two $50 shelves from Target makes it about $150 total in price, so you can definitely find pre-made desks for that amount. However, they will not be nearly as large or with as much storage or as well-built (mostly will be the cheap laminate wood). Also, I absolutely loved the challenge of designing and building something this large all by myself, no help from my husband or anyone. It was completely worth the cost for that feeling of accomplishment!
After finding this tutorial.. I now know that I am getting rid of my saw horse table legs for my tables in my sewing room and going for these book shelves from Target...besides everyone that has been following along on the journey of my new sewing room knows I could sure use the room for storage ;)
I hope you find this item very useful.. I know I sure did :)


Tulsi said...

I LOVE this nifty idea!