Monday, February 23, 2009

My Pink Apron is here ;)

I entered a Contest back in Oct on Itchin2BStitchin's blog.
I won I won!!!!
Thank you Tracey for such a wonderful apron :)

Tracey was promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. So she held a drawing for a pink apron. I think it was a school project.. But I loved the idea of educating women in women's health issues. As I am a survivor or cancer. Not breast cancer but cervical cancer. So its important to spread the word to have your yearly checks. I know I get mine!!!!
It did take awhile to received this lovely apron but it was worth every minute I had to wait on it. Tracey has had a lot on her plate since the drawing, School, work, husband, travel for work and if I remember correctly a family member's serious illness.

I didn't mind waiting...Things happen to the best laid plans... we all know this :) I always say better late than never :) Once again... Thank you Tracey for such a wonderful pink apron :) I love it!!!! The great thing about getting the apron now.. is came during one of my rough weeks on my new job... it was almost like a gift from no where.. just one of those pay it forward type ;) I know it sure made me smile ... and let the bad things from the day melt away :) For that I thank you very much Tracey.

Ok I am going to talk about this lovely apron......Isn't it fantastic... its a sewing apron.. if you look really close you will see a holder for my scissors.. (oops can't see it on the photo I swiped from Tracy's blog) the item..... that I always seem to loose track of when I sew. The scissors are always under something I have put down on top of them. Never to be seen again until I clear off the cutting or pressing table. Now I will have them where I can find them :)

I just love the pink color combinations... and the very girly ruffle at the bottom. Long apron ties..... I will tell you this apron is very well put together, interfaced, lined, and just plain cute!!!! I am a very lucky girl to have such a nice apron :) Thank you Tracey :)


shelia said...

you are a lucky girl! enjoy your gorgeous new apron.

Tracey said...

It was a pleasure to make it for someone who is so dear and always does such nice things for everyone else. I think it is great that you finally get a treat!!

I had a ball getting the apron to you and for your patience!! I know that apron has a new home where it will be used frequently!

Enjoy and I can't wait to see how much sewing you get done now that you have a place for those scissors, prehaps you will get double the sewing done :)!!!!!

CathyJean said...

Yay!! Good for you!!
Now you have one of Tracey's "oh so cute!" craft aprons.