Saturday, February 21, 2009

Murphy's Law

Do you ever have those weeks where you just wish it was over so you could have your weekend and do what you want????? Well I am lucky I get and extra day off this weekend. I said to myself... Self you have an extra day to sew!!! Yeah!!!!! Well for some reason Murphy is here today visiting me!!! I hate when I have those days no matter how much you want to sew and sew well.... Nothing ever seems to sew right. Crooked Seams, nipped material, don't have everything you need to make the project.... and just plain mentally exhausted. Well that is me today!!!! Dang it!!! I was on such a roll last weekend too!!! But I guess we all have bad sewing days.
I will share with you the item that I made for my dad.

The outside of the MP3 player cover

This is the inside of the MP3 player. I didn't have plastic sheeting so I had to wing it with Satin stitching. I added a snap instead of Velcro.

Dad asked me for this item about the same time he asked me for the apron. I think it turned out less than OK in my book. But my dad will love it anyway. Part of the problem its hard for me to sew on dark material in my dimly lite house. I use extra lighting but sometimes on black it doesn't seem to help much.
She wonders to her self... hummmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if I need to get my glasses changed????

I know this poor little cover it is not so hot, but my dad will be thrilled that I made it for him. I can tell you if I ever make another one I am changing that pattern big time. Better yet I will have to design one from scratch. The things that I design from scratch seem to work out better for me anyway :) I still don't know if I fully understand the instructions that came with that pattern. There was a lot of this and that's that make absolutely no sense to me. I hate when you get patterns that are not written well.
I guess me and Mr Murphy are going to pop a bag of popcorn and watch a couple of movies and just kick back. My second week at the new job..... I think has kick me in the pants some and I think I just need to vague out tonight :) I purchased a couple movies that I have been wanting to see so I think this just might be the right night to do it :)

Tomorrow is the Big Owl drawing as it is my Birthday :) I am going to have a marathon SAW movie watching day with dad tomorrow. He hasn't seen #4 or #5 and I just purchased #5 last night. I don't like scary movies.. they seem stupid to me...but for some reason I like Saw. I really like that movie Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freemon... fantastic if you haven't seen it ;) So I am off now to watch My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Women, and if its not too late .. am going to watch Click. I already had a couple of these movies. The Women is new... I have really wanted to see the women after seeing Sex in the City the movie :) I heard there might be a second Sex in the City movie coming out :0)
APP jumps up and down clapping her hands!!!