Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Putting a Smile on Dads Face

I was at my dads a while back and we were sitting around eating dinner and talking. I was telling Dad and Kathy all about the Christmas stockings that I made for my family members out in CA. I have to mention...( I cross-stitched very elaborate stockings for Dad and Kathy several years ago... I lined them and back them in Velvet..they were very nice... took a year to cross stitch and sew them together!!! ) Well anyway.. we got to talking about me making aprons and how nice they were. Dad said he wanted me to sew him something... I asked what he had in mind... well he thought he would like an apron. He wanted a work apron, so he could put his tools, pencil, cell phone, and Ipod in. He says he is always getting grease or something on his shirts and pants. So I told him sure ....I would be happy to make you one. Of course dad is like me, use what you have around... Recycle!!!! So that is just what I did. I used left over baby blue jean bibs.... I made dad a butchers apron out of up-cycled blue jeans. I added tons of functional pockets and some not so functional. I even lined it with canvas so it would be more durable. The tie on the back was a nylon dog leash cut in half :) I zig-zag-ed all the seams together. I have to admit I ran out of the darker blue jean color material...but dad was ok with that... he just loved the apron. Dad says its a one of a kind and that is what makes it all the more special :) Aweeee sweet Daddy!!!! He uses it all the time. So with out further A-DO here it is:

Look at this happy little smile on his face. Dad has pockets for his cell phone, pencil, tools, Ipod... he is just a happy little ole man!!!!!

Here is a closer photo of all the pockets ;)


Anonymous said...

VERY special. I bet your dad will use it a lot. My dad wore bib overalls all the time.

Carla said...

How marvelous! He looks great in it!

Tulsi said...

What a fun "guy" idea!! I didn't know if I was supposed to tell you that I sent off my package. I sent it to Allison K on Jan. 27. She sent an email to me saying she received it.

Linda said...

What a great gift! Thank you "dad" for modeling it for us to see!!
I rather like the dark/light jean mixture, and love the pockets all over! Great job!

Tiny Dimples said...

Awwww, he's so cute! I love it! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story and great project.