Sunday, February 15, 2009

I promised Eye Candy *V*

This was a teapots and teacups apron swap off of Swap Bot.

Isn't this a lovely handcrafted apron and sweet little cherry pouch :)
I love this tea pot material.. this apron has extra long ties ..the ties are long enough they wrap around this chunky dunky granny :) I even received a wonderful assortment of teas to go with it. They smell so yummy. I can't wait to try them :)

Look at all of these wonderful items I received from Lucy's and Shawnee's apron swap. I have to tell you my partner really spoiled me on this swap. Everything is so wonderful.. Thank you my Sweet Friend. I have to tell you about this wonderful hand sewn pouch. I love it!!! The pouch is large enough that it could be used as a pillow covering for a small pillow ;) Or I think is large enough to put small handcrafted items in that your working on. Nadine has also added the wonderful fabric and lace to the matching tea towel. Which I noticed on my photos you can't see much of it. I'm sorry for that. Who would not like cookie cutters and heart socks?? Do you see a clear heart next to the bag???? Well it is empty.... yes you guessed it!!! It had wonderful yummy Dark Chocolate Truffles in it!!! I have to tell you it was hard not to eat them all the first day. It took me three ;)

Here is a close up of the fantastic heart shaped pin that came with handmade bag. Yes this was also made by Nadine. She had a naming contest on her blog recently for her handcrafted necklaces. Of course I tried to name a title for them. But I did not win. Yarnigras won with her name... Congrats again Val :) I have to tell you this pin is so pretty the photo really does not show how wonderful it truly is ;) And I am sorry its a little blurred I see :o(

Ok with out further a do.....Here is the wonderful apron that my Partner Nadine gave me from Lucy's and Shawnee's Valentines Day Apron Swap. I just love the scallops and the vintage fabric on this very very special apron.
LOL I have to tell you Nadine had this apron posted up on her blog for about two weeks. I spent several days drooling over this wonderful creation. You can imagine the surprise I got when I open my package and there it was!!!! Once again Nadine it is wonderful.. Thank YOU!!!

Here is an apron that I made for a swap. I hope this apron pleases my swap partner :) I know she will love it... I sure do!!!!
I hope everyone enjoys all of the sweet Treasures that I have received in my recent swaps. Please don't take my showing them off as bragging. I just love to show other peoples lovely handcrafted items. I must say though I am please they belong to me... ok yes I did just brag a bit.. Nanner Nannner Nanner!!!! As always there will be other swaps that you can join in on through this blog :) Until then happy sewing, and no ripping :)


ittybittyandpretty said...

the pictures are great but my almost 37 year old eyes couldnt read that colour blue! i must be getting old. have fun with all your treasures.
%*_*% rosey

RavenM said...

Beautiful aprons:-) What a lot of fun stuff!

Carla said...

Great swaps! Beautiful aprons and that little bag is great! Love the apron you made.

NadineC said...

Marcel - I love the cupcake apron, and especially that really cute pocket with the pink ric rac. Glad you liked the apron I sent you :-)

Yarni Gras! said...

Hey M! I used that same teapot fabric for the apron I made for the swap....all your aprons, made and rec'd are AWESOME.
I love the one Nadine sent AND THE JEWELRY! I can't WAIT to see what she makes me :-)

The cupcake apron you made is lovely.......truly.....and I love the pocket!
ha! my word verification is WATUP!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the teapot apron :) That was the first time i made that "style" apron. It's a vintage pattern. It was fun, and I'm definately going to be using that pattern again.