Friday, December 12, 2008

FUn HOlidaY PhOtos

I just love vintage clip art, photos, trading cards, Holiday cards anything that has a vintage image on it. I find the older things have a very unique charm about them. I don't know if it was because the times were so much more innocent, or its that peoples values were so different back then. I have to tell you one of my favorite shows on TV a few years back was American Dreams it was about this family growing up in the 60's. I think it was in Chicago.. but I'm really not sure of the state. All I know is it showed the struggling times of the 60's. Where there was the Prom King that got his girl Pregnant. The Oldest daughter trying to be-friend a African American Boy in her class, and the younger sister that was a Nerd, and a stay at home mom. The mom put her foot down went to College and got a job away from the home. There were dinners at the table.. Yes I miss those times.. because I had them as a child. If you did not get a chance to watch this show.. try to find it to rent it .. it really was worth the watch. Too bad they took it off the air. Sort of reminded me of Leave to Beaver only in the 60's.
I know for sure life styles have change a lot since I was a child. Although I know change is good..but sometimes it makes you wonder where all of that innocence went to. What with all the violence in TV and Movies. Don't get me wrong.. one of my favorite sets of movies right now is SAW ....Thank goodness there is still Disney, Pixar and some of the other ones that still try to keep the child in all of us. Too much violence is not good for the soul. I crave a good Disney :) So I can relax and smile. :)


NadineC said...

I loved that show, too. It also reminded me of the way things were (except more perfect, haha!) when I was growing up. My mom was always home and we ate dinner at the table. I really can't remember her wearing pants back then - it was always a cotton day dress, and aprons of course! She was known as Mrs. Sidney Peterson, because in those days women couldn't even have their own names! My how things have changed - some for the better (womens' rights and racism), but others I miss. Ahhhhh...nostalgia! I have Season 1, but Season 2 is not available as far as I know - too costly because of all the royalties they need to pay to make it available on DVD.