Thursday, December 11, 2008

I did something I don't usually do Yesterday... but instead of buying food for the food bank for the Holidays. I spent my money on those little stars on the Christmas trees , like the ones at the malls and other places. My big Mean Biker Brother that drives the Hearse is always wanting me to do that with the money set a side for his Christmas Gift. So I changed my way of doing business this year. I purchased gifts for the not so fortunate. I have a set amount of moneys that I spend every year for the good of our Community. But this year.. I spent a few dollars less on each family member and added that to my little good will monies. Which almost doubled what I usually give. So I was able to do more for my fellow man/woman/child this year :)

I had a great time picking out my 4 stars and shopping for them. I know there was a time in my life when I could have really used someone to be nice like that to me!!!!! You never know what someones circumstances are. Just like some of my followers on my blog that left wonderful holiday comments. I saw where there was struggles in everyday life and where there was just plain giving of the heart. So I preach or have preached this holiday season to be kind ... this is where my Holiday Ear Marked monies went to...

1. a four sliced toaster

2. a crock pot

3. a coffee pot

4. a blender

You see these were not over the top items.. these were really items that were affordable and useful. Not saying the X-box and Ipod's are not useful important items. These items that I chose were more with in my budget and still helped out where needed for the holiday season. Next weekend its time to pick up a couple of toys :)

BTW ...... I did pick up a sweet surprise for my little guys down the road. I got them a S'mores kit in a can... I know they will really like that :O)
OK having said all of this... I find that when I do wonderful things.. God always smiles down on me and rewards me in special ways. Whether its a sweet bag of Christmas goodies from my little guys next door or that badly needed refund check out of the blue.. or not having to pay in to the tax man!!! or just finding that up front and close parking space.

I know times are rough for all of us, what with food and gas for our autos so high. Not to mention people have lost a ton in the stock markets. I know the economy crunch has hit my house hold too. My income has been changed also, but I have still managed to squeezed out a tiny bit of money for the less fortunate...Just remember if you have a job.. that is better than some people. I know in my area they have been laying off factory workers right and left. In fact the lay off did hit a couple of my friends. So this year it is more important for those of us that can help..... help. Remember if everyone took just one star off those trees and purchased that item we all can have a Happy and Joyous Christmas.

Peace and Blessing All :)


frankenpug said...

Well said APP!

Anonymous said...

What soapbox? I totally agree with you. I really enjoyed your blog about Christmas. Finally, I am getting a bit of the spirit. It's been a weird holiday season for me. Hasn't seemed quite like Christmas to me.

Patty said...

I just did a blog post on something similar...stop on by if you get a chance

Sue said...

It's so very generous of you.
A lesson to pass on to others.