Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Goodness

Hello all my little bloggie friends..

I have been so busy trying to get everything ready for my Trip. I have not had time to post all of the wonderful swap items that I have been receiving.. For this I am truly sorry. But after I return home ... I will take photos of all the amazing things that I have received in the swaps. LOL some of the items might be missing that you sent.. LIKE The Chocolate... I have tried to keep the items together.. but if I find they are not.. I will post photos of all the extras too... I have received some wonderful Holiday aprons, Ornaments, slippers, and other wonderful handcrafted items.. I am just so sorry I don't have time to post them all now!!!! So please accept my apologies for the delay in posting the photos.. I loved all the trade items that I have received... and maybe just maybe I will get my Pink Apron from Itchin2BeStitchin after the first of the year.. I know her plate has been very full. I also have some items I have won from other blogs for Holiday give aways that are on their way too... so get ready for a lot of eye candy after I return home :) I still have tons of things to do before I go. I have to finish packing, clean the house, wrap and take my Christmas presents to my family here, do laundry and go to the little town north of me and get fresh breads to take to CA, and also I have to work my regular work days at my job. Which are WED through SUN this week. I get off work Monday morning at 7:ooam and have to be on my plane at 11:30 am so it will be rush rush rush!!! Hurry home grab the bags and the Pitty Pat and rush off to the plane. I can take a cat nap on the flight :)

By The WAY:

I did get all the stockings embellished last nite. I will take photos of them when I get them hung in CA :) I think they turned out fantastic :)

This might be my last post until I arrive in CA... they do have a computer there. Its dial up ... so I am not going to post many photos if any. I will have to keep up with the happenings you know :)